The One Unexpected Food Chrissy Teigen Eats Every Single Day

Frazer Harrison /Getty Images

Among her many talents as a model, co-host of Lip Sync Battle and all-around funny girl Chrissy Teigen is a bonafide foodie. In addition to her cookbook Cravings, Teigen's snaps of daughter Luna are only rivaled by her nearly nonstop photos and videos of food.

Naturally, the model recently did an interview with Refinery29 that was completely centered around eating and drinking. In addition to the fact that she despises the unicorn food trend and actually doesn't drink rosé, Teigen revealed the one meal that she eats every single day: her mom's branzino, which is a roasted sea bass dish.

"I swear to god, if you watch my Snapchat she brings it to me every single night," Teigen confessed. "I have one whole fish every night, covered in garlic and olive oil, stuffed with lemons and rosemary. And I eat it every single night. So I go, 'Mom! Guess what time it is?' And she gets all sad and she goes: 'Fish timeeee.' Cuz she knows she has to finely mince the garlic, which takes forever."

Have you ever had branzino? Share your review of the dish below, and check out this recipe from Food & Wine to make the entrée at home!

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