Chrissy Teigen Gets Candid About Her Struggle With Postpartum Depression


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is a self-proclaimed "open book," always delighting the internet with her hilarious Tweets, meme-worthy facial expressions, and genuine candor. But the model and new mother to baby Luna is bravely offering her unfiltered opinion about another more serious life experience: her struggle with postpartum depression following Luna's birth in April 2016. 

"To a lot of you, I think, I seem like the happiest person on the planet," writes Teigen in her powerful open letter for Glamour's April cover story. "And yet, for much of the last year, I felt unhappy. What basically everyone around me—but me—knew up until December was this: I have postpartum depression." Teigen felt it important to share her experience with this extremely common mental illness because, as she puts it, "It's such a major part of my life and so, so many other women's lives."

Teigen experienced everything from mood swings, back aches, and wrist pain to a lack of appetite and a general sense of apathy. "I would be in my dressing room, sitting in a robe, getting hair and makeup done, and a crew member would knock on the door and ask: 'Chrissy, do you know the lyrics to this song?' And I would lose it," she writes of her experience returning to Lip Sync Battle after giving birth to Luna. "I couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy. I blamed it on being tired and possibly growing out of the role: 'Maybe I'm just not a goofy person anymore. Maybe I'm just supposed to be a mom.'" 

After formally being diagnosed with postpartum depression by her general practitioner, Teigen began taking an antidepressant and is considering seeing a therapist. "Like anyone, with PPD or without, I have really good days and bad days," she writes. "I'm speaking up now because I want people to know it can happen to anybody and I don't want people who have it to feel embarrassed or to feel alone."And with that, Teigen joins the growing list of celebrities who have bravely spoken out in the hopes of breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

Head over to Glamour to read Teigen's open letter in full, and share your thoughts on her brave admission below!