Step Inside Christian Louboutin's Stunning Parisian Apartment

The man who reimagined the red shoe sole as a subtle statement of luxury has managed to instill that same element of understated surprise into his living space. Christian Louboutin's eclectic Parisian apartment is a reflection of both his style and his ingenuity, a testament to his worldly sensibilities as well as his commitment to at-home elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt, the traditional feathered headdresses of the Amazon, and the masks and spirit dolls from the Hopi and Zuni tribes of North America, Louboutin's apartment is brimming with treasures from his many travels; experiences he holds in high regard: "Traveling makes you understand that you should not think that you are always right," said Louboutin in the recent profile with InStyle. "You may think you know, but you don't."

Tour Christian Louboutin's individualistic Parisian penthouse below, and share your thoughts on his unique decorating style in the comments.