This Is How 5 Interior Designers Would Style a Coffee Table for the Holidays

The yearly tradition of decorating your home for the holidays doesn't necessarily have to include decking the halls with flashy tinsel or showy sparkles. For an elevated look, there's no need to go overboard with a theme. Instead, focus on subtle details, chic color schemes, and items that you'll love long after the seasons have changed.

In search of the best holiday coffee table décor ideas for a look that's at once festive and sophisticated, we tapped five interior design pros for their tried-and-true advice. According to them, it's all about simplicity, layers, and breaking the rules of traditional holiday colors and patterns. Ahead, find out how five design experts would carefully craft a chic coffee table for the holidays. Take note of their innovative, design-forward ideas and shop their affordable products picks below. The products are all $30 or less so you can save the splurging for timeless décor that you know you'll use year-round.