Hand-Painted Christmas-Cookie Ornaments

Every Christmas I host a cookie swap. All of my girlfriends come over with a batch of cookies, I plan some kind of DIY, and I make a giant batch of hot cocoa with marshmallows—bourbon optional. It's also the one event where I put down my phone and just hang out instead of worrying about posting everything on social media. Cookies are sacred, dammit! Last year, I tried something new. Instead of doing DIY cookie tins for people to take their cookies home in, I organized DIY Christmas-cookie ornaments. I made a bunch of shortbread cookies, decorated them with plain white icing, prepped them to be an ornament by punching holes in them, and then let my friends do the rest. Halfway through the evening, it turned into an arts-and-crafts session, with everyone working quietly on their cookies. My friend Sabina is an actual artist, so her cookies (the very impressive ones pictured below) were ridiculously gorgeous. The Georges Méliès–style man in the moon kills me. But don't worry! If you lack artistic ability like I do, just do swashes of color and top it with gold. Everything looks a little better with gold.

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Do you make Christmas cookies? What kind?