A Chef Reveals Her Top 5 Timesaving Entertaining Hacks for Christmas

Updated 11/28/18
Courtesy of Bulla Dairy Foods

There’s no doubting that Christmas Day is one of the most joyful days of the year, but it can certainly have its challenges for the entertainers in the family. Preparing the veggies and glazing the ham while pouring a mimosa and whisking the eggs for the Pavlova all in the same breath—sound familiar, anyone?  Whether you’re preparing one or five meals for five or 20 people, the stresses of Christmas Day are very real.

To help take some of this Christmas culinary stress off, we enlisted the kitchen brilliance of award-winning pastry chef and Bulla Dairy Foods ambassador, Kirsten Tibballs, to share her top time saving secrets for the entertaining season—you’re welcome. Scroll down, take note, and enjoy your most relaxed festive season in the kitchen yet.

Choose a dessert you can make in advance

Choose desserts for Christmas Day that can be made in advance and just garnished before serving, such as a Summer Christmas Pudding designed to be served frozen or straight from the fridge.

Whip cream the night before

For your festive desserts, whip the cream the night before and cover it with plastic wrap—it will then hold in the fridge for Christmas Day.

Prepare on Christmas eve

Choose a Christmas entrée that can be prepared the day before. Prawn Cocktail is perfect for this—use equal parts of cream and mayonnaise, a dash of tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, and season with salt and pepper for your sauce.

Allow your whisked eggs to sit overnight

Planning to serve eggnog to your guests? Crack your egg whites the night before and add a small amount of salt before whisking—this will allow for a smoother meringue.

Create dried fruit in two minutes

If using dried fruit and you don’t have time to soak it, cover dried fruit with boiling water in a bowl, place plastic wrap over and leave for two minutes. Then drain all the water off and proceed with the recipe. This will give you lush dried fruit in whatever you’re creating!

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