15 Cool Gifts Every Kid Will Want This Year


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Making a list and checking it twice have a way of prompting kids to request the most ridiculously outrageous gifts—which doesn't make a Christmas wish list to Santa the most useful gift guide for parents. With requests ranging from a real-life pony to an iPhone 7 Plus (for a 4-year-old) or actual peace on earth, you may not be able (or willing) to grant every wish your kids throw at you this year. But fret not. We found gifts they'll love even better (and you will too)!

From riding dragons to play tents to rival Jude Law's fairy-tale playhouse in The Holiday, there's a little something for every kid from 0 to 13. And while some of these games may not get them off their phones, they'll at least be playing something interactive with each other—IRL. Skip the Apple store this year and give these ultra-cool gifts your kids will die for.