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30 Festive Christmas Mantel Ideas for a Merry Season

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There are so many places in your home you can decorate for the holidays, whether it's your Christmas tree, your bedroom, or your front door, and more. But one place you shouldn't forgo is your mantel. The mantel is the perfect spot to display Christmas décor, and it can do so much more than just hold stockings. Continue reading to see 30 ways you can add some Christmas cheer to your mantel.

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Go Asymmetrical

asymmetrical christmas mantel ideas

lemon leaf home

Who says a garland has to be perfectly centered? Shake up your Christmas décor with some asymmetrical garland on your mantel. For the best look, place the the thinnest part of the garland on the side of mantel that won't have the draping garland, allowing it to slowly widen.

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Don't Forget Other Fireplaces

bedroom fireplace christmas mantel ideas

lemon leaf home

If you're lucky enough to have fireplaces in other parts of your home, don't forget to decorate those mantels for the holidays too. For these mantels, stick to subtler, more elegant décor so that your bedroom doesn't feel like a crazy Christmas-topia.

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Add Just a Little Christmas

greenery christmas mantel ideas

Charbonneau Interiors

Start off your Christmas décor with a touch of something that's full of subtle Christmas style—greenery. A few carefully-placed pops of greenery on a mantel can liven up a space and provide a little holiday cheer.

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No Mantel? Don't Worry

no mantel christmas mantel ideas

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If you have a fireplace with no mantel (as a lot of mid-century ranches do), don't stress. A fireplace alone is plenty cozy enough, but for an extra touch of Christmas, place your tree nearby.

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Use Different Types of Garland

garland christmas mantel ideas

cottage and sea

For an eclectic Christmas look on your mantel, use different types of garlands instead of just one. Use a fuller garland like cedar as the base of your mantel décor and add strands of a thinner, more wispy garland like long needle pine as an accent.

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Make Your Stockings the Centerpiece

stockings christmas mantel ideas

Charbonneau Interiors

Many times, stockings are one of the main event of your Christmas morning celebrations. So why not make them the main event of your mantel? Use coordinating stockings on matching stocking hooks for a picture-perfect look.

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Match Your Stockings to Your Tree

matching stockings and tree christmas mantel ideas

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It's important that your Christmas mantel décor fits with the rest of the holiday décor in your home. One way to do this is to match your stockings to your Christmas tree. Pairing a snow-dusted artificial tree alongside some velvety white stockings is an easy win for any space.

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Don't Forget a Wreath

wreath christmas mantel ideas

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Many fireplaces have TVs or mirrors above them. But if yours doesn't, then you're in luck. Use the space above your mantel to hang a festive wreath. Whether it's a lush and traditional one or something uniquely minimalist, it's hard to go wrong with a wreath.

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Mix in Your Everyday Décor

everyday decor christmas mantel ideas

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The fact that it's the Christmas season doesn't mean that you need to forgo all your year-round décor. Rather than boxing it up, work it into your holiday decorations. A neutral ceramic vase will look good just about anywhere, as will farmhouse-inspired metal décor.

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Move Away From Bright Colors

neutral christmas mantel ideas

Finding Lovely

Many times, Christmas décor can feel loud, rather than relaxing. For a more slowed-down vibe, use Christmas décor on your mantel that is dressed in muted colors like white, sage green, and soft blues.

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Make Your Own Mantel

faux mantel christmas mantel ideas

arbor + co

Perhaps you don't have a fireplace (or you're in the middle of renovating yours, like this couple was)—but you can still have a mantel! Find something long and straight, like an entertainment center or buffet and place the usual mantel décor on it, like garland, candles and, of course, stockings.

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Bunch Your Stockings Together

grouped stockings christmas mantel ideas

Finding Lovely

Another unique way to display stockings is to hang them close to each other on one side of your mantel, rather than spacing them equidistantly. This asymmetrical look brings a touch of modern Christmas to any space.

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Break Out the Banners

banners christmas mantel ideas

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Banners are a fun touch to any celebration, and Christmas is no different. Hang a festive banner from your mantel to ring in the season.

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Hang Ornaments

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Natasha Habermann

For an easy festive look, repurpose other Christmas décor on your mantel, like ornaments. Hang ornaments on a string across the mantel for a marvelously merry look.

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Use Little Houses

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Finding Lovely

Fewer things say cozy Christmas more than tiny little decorative houses. Don't ask why, just add a few to your holiday mantel ASAP.

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Time for Oranges

orange christmas mantel ideas

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Dried orange slices have quickly become a modern Christmas décor staple in the last few years. Add a few to your mantel décor (either in a garland or hung on a string) for a Scandi-inspired holiday look.

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Light It Up

candles christmas mantel ideas

Riel Finishings

Candles can make a room feel cozy like nothing else. So, it's only natural to place plenty of them on your mantel. For an extra-Christmassy look, weave them amongst your garland.

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Bookend It

bookends christmas mantel ideas

the colonial corner

A great way to finish your Christmas mantel décor is by adding bookends. Pick something tall and narrow like books, picture frames or candlesticks, and place it on the ends of your mantel. They can also anchor your garland.

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Try Tiny Trees

mini trees christmas mantel ideas

the minted vintage

What would Christmas be without Christmas trees? And what would your mantel be like without (tiny) Christmas trees? Add some miniature faux firs and pines for festive look.

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Embrace Your Narrow Mantel

narrow christmas mantel ideas

just destiny mag

If you've got a mantel that is more like a picture ledge than a shelf, you can still decorate it for Christmas. Use thin garland and a few frames for the perfect holiday look.

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Add a Pop of Red

red christmas mantel ideas

Liesbeth's Home

Christmas green looks even more spectacular alongside pops of red, so don't forget to add a few. Whether it's berries in a garland or pom-poms on a stocking, a little red goes a long way.

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Add in Beads

beads christmas mantel ideas

living in a landmark

A beaded garland is a wonderful way to bring in some woodsy tones, and it provides excellent contrast alongside lush velvet or shiny baubles.

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Use Felt Garlands

pom pom christmas mantel ideas

Michaela diane designs

Few things are more fun in Christmas décor than felt garlands. These pom-pom-packed decorations add a touch of laid-back celebration to any holiday mantel.

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You Don't Need Much

simple christmas mantel ideas

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Your mantel doesn't need to be decked in head-to-toe in garland and festive tchotchkes. Instead, use just a small bit of greenery with some lights in it for a pared-down but very merry look.

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Frame Your Fireplace

frame fireplace christmas mantel ideas

Black and blooms

If you're using garland or other festive greenery, have it slope downwards from your mantel to frame your fireplace. It will make the fireplace stand out while bringing in a little extra Christmas.

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Don't Forget Tinsel

tinsel christmas mantel ideas

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Some shining, shimmering tinsel is an easy and festive addition to your mantel at Christmas. Try hanging it around the stockings or weaving it into your garland.

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Replace Art

art christmas mantel ideas

leaf and lolo

If you have art hanging above your mantel, replace it with a more Christmas-themed piece, like a snowy scene, a verse from your favorite carol, or a snapshot from Christmas past.

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Make It Dark

christmas mantel ideas moody

our home life

Into a moodier look this holiday season? Break out the deep reds and dark blacks for a grown-up and sophisticated holiday look. Use a few pops of white for contrast (and to keep it from feeling too gloomy).

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Spell It Out

christmas mantel ideas letters

making it in the mountains

Lettered stocking holders are a Christmas mantel classic, and they're an easy way to provide some decorative contrast alongside lots of greenery and textiles.

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Let It Snow

christmas mantel ideas snow

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Bust out the fake snow and get ready to enjoy a mini snow day on your mantel. Add some spray snow to your garland or banners for a wonderfully wintry look.