15 Easy Christmas Punch Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Updated 06/19/19

Christmas punch recipes—or punch in general—is one old-fashioned entertaining trick that so many of us neglect these days. Not only does punch lend a festive touch to the holidays, but it’s also practical. You can whip up the beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) ahead of guests’ arrival so you get to spend more time catching up with loved ones rather than playing bartender.

From a medley of cranberry and thyme to a warm winter tea rum punch, these cocktails are too good not to sip. Remember to leave out the booze for the kids and designate theirs accordingly (no one should miss out). Below, find the 15 Christmas punch recipes that will seriously get you into the holiday spirit. Cheers.

aperol spritz punch
Salt & Wind

Ready for an Italian aperitif? If you want to up your punch-making game, start by infusing fresh strawberries into vodka (surprisingly, it only takes 12 hours). Add strawberries, prosecco, Aperol, blood orange soda, and sparkling water for an oh-so-refreshing take on a Christmas punch recipe.

champagne christmas punch
Spoon Fork Bacon

This cocktail is literally winter in a glass—fresh blood orange juice, cinnamon sticks, star anise, white wine, and champagne. It all really melds together because you boil it until it reduces (minus the bubbly) then chill it. We like it best drunk out of tall flutes so the blood orange sinks to the bottom for the most beautiful “sunset” effect.

pomegranate punch recipe
Salt & Wind

We couldn’t round up our favorite Christmas punch recipes without including a spiked apple cider that only takes 15 minutes start to finish. When you make your own ginger juice, it adds the most insane punch of flavor to the cider, sparkling wine, and pomegranate liqueur. An ideal finishing touch? Slices of pomegranate, clementine, and apple—take your pick or go for all three.

warm punch recipe
Mitzy At Home

We’re totally feeling this warm rum tea punch made with two different flavored brews—cinnamon and baked apple (in case you were wondering). The steeped tea gets boiled with orange juice, ginger beer, dark rum, and a splash of honey. Drink warm and stir in sugar swizzle sticks for a serious statement.

margarita punch
How Sweet Eats

Who said margaritas were just for summertime? A coconut cream mixture is deliciously unexpected, especially when paired with coconut rum, simple syrup, tequila, and Grand Marnier.

Instead of shaking this punch, use a whisk to combine.

mezcal punch
Hola Jalapeño

Here’s to a smoky Mezcal-infused punch that’s sweetened up with pineapple juice. Other necessities? Ginger beer, orange juice, lime, and Grand Marnier. To keep your drink cool in a festive way, craft an ice ring in a tube pan from water, cranberries, lime, and slices of clementine.

lemonade punch
Hello Glow

Dreaming of warmer days ahead this winter? Well, you can have the best of both worlds with a pomegranate lemonade cocktail. Stir up the tangerine lemonade, pomegranate juice, and orange liqueur ahead of time. When guests arrive, pop a bottle of bubbly and pour it in.

christmas punch recipes
How Sweet Eats

Pomegranate is certainly one of the fruits of the season, and it tastes even better when you put together a homemade vanilla ginger syrup (hello, goodness). Other ingredients in this recipe include semi-dry champagne, ginger beer, and orange juice. Just keep them in the house for last-minute get-togethers.

sparkling punch
Half Baked Harvest

We try to incorporate apple cider into just about anything this time of year, and this punch is no different. Throw in some pomegranate and orange juices, fresh lemon, orange bitters, and champagne or sparkling wine for a little fizz. Garnish with pomegranate arils and homemade candied rosemary (such a cute idea).

cranberry punch recipe
Half Baked Harvest

This striking red punch is best served in a pitcher or punch bowl for full effect. Vodka, cranberry juice, St. Germain, rosemary, and fresh orange slices can mingle ahead of time. When guests start to trickle in, pour in bubbly and add several handfuls of fresh cranberries for some tartness.

bubbly punch
Foodie Crush

Celebrations call for champagne, which is why we think this is a great party go-to when you want something fancier than just a glass of bubbly. Start by combining triple sec, brandy, Chambord, and pineapple juice and let it chill for at least four hours—or overnight if it’s easier for you. When you’re ready to start pouring, add the ginger ale and champagne and put a few fresh raspberries in each glass.

simple punch
Hello Glow

For a slightly healthier punch, gravitate toward antioxidant-rich ingredients like cranberry juice and lemon. The alcohol of choice is gin, which pairs nicely with ginger syrup. If you have the syrup ready to go (it’s just chopped fresh ginger, coconut sugar, and filtered water), you can put the punch together in mere minutes.

large batch punch
Foodie Crush

This delectable punch crafted from OJ, orange liqueur, and sparkling wine calls for pomegranate seed and mint ice cubes. Instead of freezing water, freeze champagne so there’s no watered-down effect. Word to the wise: If you swap some sparkling cider in for the bubbly, it also serves as a pretty tasty mocktail.

holiday punch recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Fresh cranberries steal the show in this festive Christmas punch recipe. A touch of honey makes sure it’s not bitter while thyme, vodka, elderflower liqueur, and ginger ensure crispness. Serve in a gorgeous decanter rather than a punch bowl—the whole cranberries make a divine garnish.

fizzy punch
Carlsbad Cravings

This slightly creamy punch reminds me of a drink I couldn’t get enough of at a family friend’s bridal shower. It calls for cranberry juice concentrate, lemonade juice concentrate, and ginger ale. The all-star ingredient is raspberry sherbet, which you whip together with the rest in the blender. Craving some bubbles? Just pour in some champagne, and we swear it will be just as sweet.

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