The Christmas Table Setting Trends You Need to Try This Season

Updated 11/28/18

While we love tradition, this Christmas we’re ditching the candy canes, pines cones, and the green and red printed paper napkins because there is a new collection of trends in town that are the secret to the prettiest festive table yet. 

Interior guru and founder of homewares brand Neue Blvd, Christie Turvey, has revealed the top trends that are ready to turn Christmas tables around the world into an Instagrammer’s heaven. The best part? They’re all super simple, affordable, and you’ll be happy to keep the new styling additions on display all year round—win, win, win. Scroll on for some seriously chicest table setting ideas, then embrace your inner Matha Stewart and style a table that should belong on Pinterest.  


Courtesy of Neue Blvd

“The use of metallic in our home décor has gone from strength to strength in 2016, and our love for jewel tones isn’t about to wane anytime soon. The key to styling your Christmas table with a metallics is to be simply subtle. Metallics can come across very bold, and a table with too much can easily see you going from on-trend-to-tacky very quickly. We suggest you start with one or two key metallic pieces and style your table around these. Glassware or coasters in shimmering hues of gold and rose gold are the perfect key pieces with which to style your table. However, you are not just limited to golds and silvers, when using metallics, but the use of matte black, too. Gold and rose gold give a warmer feel to the table, whereas blacks and silvers provide a cooler tone. Pair with classic white dinnerware and neutral tones for a festive, metallic pop.” 


Courtesy of Neue Blvd

“We love the use of blush pink tones in home décor this year, and Christmas time is no exception. Step away from the traditional this year and adorn your tree and table with these gorgeous, romantic hues. Our biggest tip would be to keep it simple and be careful not to over-style. Set your table with crisp white linen and hints of rose gold for an elegant look.  Pair in a blush pink serving plate, or blush linen napkin and your table is on the way to perfect. Personalised key rings make the most amazing name places attached to your napkin rings, especially when matched with personalised Bon Bon’s.”   


Courtesy of Neue Blvd

“Marble has had a huge year in 2016, and is a look we style with frequently. To style with marble, I prefer to again keep it classic and clean for a simple, understated look. Marble and gold is a winning festive combination this year with the addition of black to bring it all together. Layer with texture, and keep to tradition with simple greenery arrangements down the centre. Items such as marble trays and crystal coasters will ensure your table is set perfectly classic, yet totally pulled together.”

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