It's Official: These Are the Most Popular Holiday Travel Destinations

Each year, we look forward to the holidays: to sleep, cook, bake, drink, and repeat—all the while surrounded by our nearest and dearest. We rewatch out favorite movies, listen to our beloved Christmas albums, wrap presents as if they were a work of art destined for The Louvre. We bake cheesecakes and cookies, roast turkeys, and snuggle with our dogs—all the while being blissfully disconnected from work emails or social media. Then, when December 26 rolls around, the lucky among us realize we still have a whole week before returning to work, and the initial holiday bliss slowly turns into itchy feet.

Where to go spend those last few days of vacation—and soak up every second of time off? For the best holiday destination ideas, we turned to our favorite jet-setters. Are you dreaming of hot cocoa by a fire after a long day of skiing, or is chartering a boat in the Cayman Islands more your speed? Either way, there's something for you. Get ready to score last-minute holiday travel deals—these dreamy destinations await.