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16 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year

Pink-themed Christmas decor


The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived, and that means it's time to dust off the boxes of ornaments and wreaths and make way for a tree. While any kind of Christmas décor will do, if you're feeling a little uninspired by your evergreen and go-to gold baubles, it might be time to rethink your tree this year.

The options are endless, and there are numerous creative ways to decorate your Christmas tree that range from minimizing its size and breadth of ornaments to going all out with a splashy color or maximized greenery. Read on for 16 different tree decorating ideas that will instantly refresh your zest for Christmas.

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Roy G. Biv Fan Club

Rainbow Christmas tree

Amber Oliver

Sure, you can embrace minimalism and neutral colors all year long, but come Christmastime, a colorful tree will never lead you astray. Whether you test out a gradient of baubles or scatter bright bulbs all around the branches, it's much more eye-catching than classic red and green.

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Bare Boughs

Neutral Christmas decor

Hello I'm Aubs

If you assumed creative tree ideas meant extra lights and garlands, you'll want to reconsider. Honing in on the opposite end of the spectrum—aka bare branches—can be equally as alluring. It feels festive and wintery but not too outwardly Christmasy, ideal for those in search of more subtle touches.

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Metallic Wonderland

White and silver Christmas decor

Our Sweet Haven

Silver and gold are a winning combination, but leaning into just one of those metallic shades makes for a refreshing spin. Silver in particular is reminiscent of snow, ice, and twinkling lights, and enough of it, along with shades of white, builds out a magical frosty world you can enjoy without needing to leave the comfort of your warm living room.

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Sunflower Showers

Sunflower adorned Christmas tree

Black & Blooms

Leave behind the idea that sunflowers are solely a summer bloom. This tree begs to differ, thanks to the bursts of yellow petals laced around its branches. Don't stop at sunflowers though; roses, lilies, and other florals all work as one-of-a-kind tree decorations.

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Woven With Ribbon

Ribbon-adorned tree

Hilltop Living

Ribbons aren't merely reserved for garlands and staircase banisters. You'll find that a tree wrapped up in velvet, tulle, or metallic ribbons is a gorgeous representation of the holiday season, too. Rather than simply draping a long length of it around your tree, try looping shorter pieces around clumps of branches.

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Think Pink

Pink Christmas tree

Cake & Confetti

Bubblegum or Millennial pink—take your pick. Whether this color comes as a shock to you or seems like a genius idea, there's no doubt that a hue this bright will change your Christmas décor for the better. It's also the perfect pop against the start of the dreary winter months.

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Tropical Tree

Botanical-inspired tree

Casa Watkins

Ever thought of adding more greenery to, well, your greenery? Palm fronds, trailing vines, and spider plants are gorgeous additions to this tree that makes a case for going all out with botanicals. It serves as the perfect centerpiece and conversation starter for anyone who gets to witness this horticultural masterpiece.

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Beige Branches

Neutral christmas

Kiara Colombani

This one is for the folks who let gorgeous minimal palettes seep into every inch of their design choices. Continue the theme of quiet, muted neutrals by translating the look onto your tree. Drape wooden bead garlands, hang up white and cream-colored ornaments, and stick with warm lights for a visually stunning tree that also blends perfectly into your atmosphere.

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Trimmed Down

White and bright Christmasy living room


Big and bushy Christmas trees may be the norm, but a sparser spruce or fir tree can be ultra-chic and encapsulate a little bit of that Scandinavian influence. Not only does it feel light and airy, but small spaces will especially benefit from the lack of voluminous branches blocking out that one good window. In terms of materials needed, a thinned-out tree requires way fewer ornaments, lights, and maintenance.

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Layers of Tinsel

Tinsel-covered Christmas tree

Sonja Olsen

While the tinsel-laden trees of the '50s might make you cringe, their modern counterparts are anything but overly kitschy thanks to the extra fluff and shimmer. These fun accents serve as the icing on the metaphorical cake and add something extra for the light to play off of. Silver, gold, blue, or hot pink, the more tinsel the merrier in this case.

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Faux Frost

Frosted Christmas tree

Burchard Design Co.

Green trees, colorful ones, tinsel-laden boughs—there are a lot of options to choose from. But one style that often gets overlooked is flocked Christmas trees. What is essentially a white, powdery coating on the branches ends up making your evergreen look as if it has a fresh dusting of snow (without any risk of melting).

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Trio of Trees

Three Christmas trees

Finding Lovely

If completely overhauling your color palette and decorations seems like a big ask, simply up the number of trees in your space. Rather than one, opt for three, as seen here. It creates instant winter forest vibes and feels like a drastic change from your home during the other 11 months of the year.

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Miniature Affair

Neutral Christmas display

Home & Spirit

Forgo your classic tree and instead downsize to a display of miniature bottle brush trees. This is ideal for homes tight on space or for those that approach holiday décor with a minimalist mindset. But if you're one who loves all things holiday, why not do both for extra festive flair?

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House Plant Additions

Small Christmas trees

Modern House Vibes

A Christmas tree is essentially a house plant addition, no? Well, maybe only to plant lovers. Along with a larger evergreen, opt for some inconspicuous smaller versions that will make you do a double-take—questioning if it's holiday décor or simply another potted plant.

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Foraged Décor

Pink-themed Christmas decor


A variety of mixed materials that serve as tree ornamentation make this idea unique. Rather than using classic spherical baubles, there's a mix of things like dried lace cap hydrangeas, pampas grass, and ghost ferns adorning the branches.

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Eclectic Statement Piece

Colorful room with Christmas tree

Ruthie Matthews 

This particular Christmas tree is fit for a storybook. While it sits pretty in a child's room in this instance, it's ideal for anyone who has a love for all things eclectic and colorful. Having a smattering of unique ornaments in different textures will contrast perfectly against maximalist or more object-heavy interiors.