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Deck The Halls: Here Are 20 Decorating Ideas for a Stunning Christmas Tree

Christmas tree ideas

Craftberry Bush

Thinking of decorating your Christmas tree with the same old decorations you used last year, and the year before, and who knows how many years before that? Put those hard-working red and green ornaments to rest. It’s time for a change.

Whether your style veers modern, traditional, farmhouse, or elegant, we have you covered through color combinations, ornament ideas, and ribbon—so much ribbon. Some are glamorous, others are understated. Some are colorful, others masterfully use neutrals and metallics. But, all are inspiring and sure to brighten your holiday season.

Scroll on for 20 Christmas tree ideas that will inspire your own holiday decorations.

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Ice Cold Ornaments Make for a Warm Tree

Christmas tree ideas


Leave it to CB2 to create an ingeniously contrasting Christmas tree: ice cold elements layered to create a warm feel. The silver branches give off a retro vibe, and when layered with frosty blue and icicle ornaments, you have the makings of an ultra cool Christmas tree.

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Sweet and Sparse

Christmas tree ideas

Francois et Moi

Above, Francois et Moi demonstrates how to upgrade a Charlie Brown tree into an elegant, and not overpowering, Christmas décor set up. Give some love to a tall, sparse tree by placing it in a woven basket, topping it with a gold star, with a string of twinkle lights and a simple set of ornaments—wouldn’t want to weigh down the delicate branches—in between.

Tada! That’s all you need to bring instant charm to your living room without overwhelming the space.

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Go for the Gold

Christmas tree ideas

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Remember: metallics are neutrals. Here, Marie Flanigan Interiors employs metallics of all varieties, from the gold ornaments to the bronze ribbon to the silvery branches, to adorn this gorgeous tree. A touch of rose gold never hurt anyone either.

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One for the Kiddos

Christmas tree for kids idea

Fashionable Hostess

A big tree for you, a little one for the, well, littles. Any kiddo would be delighted with this sweet, simple mini Christmas tree via Fashionable Hostess. Let them help decorate it for a family activity, or watch their eyes light up as you surprise them with the set up. Surround the tiny tree with a train set and you’ll buy yourself hours of quiet play time.

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Add Texture, Texture, and More Texture

Silver and gray Christmas tree idea

The Lily Pad Cottage

Notice how The Lily Pad Cottage’s Christmas tree décor is all in the same color family —silver, white, slate—but is anything but boring. That’s due in part to her clever use of textures, from the velvety ribbon to the crystal snowflake ornaments.

Instead of a tree full of glossy globe ornaments, add serious visual appeal with a variety of textures.

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Go Full Glam

Christmas tree ideas


You don't need a penthouse on Park Avenue to create a super glam Christmas tree, like this CB2 creation. Oversized metallic ornaments are paired with feathery bits and a faux fur skirt to create a memorable, classy Christmas tree.

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Don’t Overdo It

Christmas tree ideas

Craftberry Bush

Minimalist? Your Christmas tree can be too. Here, Craftberry Bush highlights how beautiful a near-bare tree, just lit up with delicate white lights, can be all you need. Instead you could play up a fireplace mantle or staircase railing instead. (Or not. It’s been a long year; give yourself a break from going all out if you need.)

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Keep it Classy

Christmas tree ideas

Fashionable Hostess

White kitchens never go out of style, and neither do white Christmas trees. For a no-fail tree design, stick with a monochromatic white color scheme, sprinkling in light metallic colors in ornaments of various shapes and textures.

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Start an Ornament Tradition

Christmas tree idea

Waiting on Martha

Each Christmas Waiting on Martha adds another ornament to her tree, resulting in a nostalgic, eclectic tree that transports her back to different memories, milestones, and travels. They can be beautiful or they can be silly (an ice cream cone perhaps), but they definitely don't have to be perfect.

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Reinterpret “Tree” With Paper Pom Poms

Christmas tree ideas

Sugar & Cloth

Not the traditional type? Follow along with Sugar & Cloth’s ultra easy DIY pom pom Christmas tree tutorial for a colorful tree alternative that will last year after year. This could be a fun option for a kid’s room or make mini versions for an outside-the-box holiday party. 

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Embrace a Theme

Christmas tree ideas

The Lily Pad Cottage

If you're lost on how to decorate your Christmas tree, it's oftentimes easiest to start with a theme and let the inspiration flow from there. The Lily Pad Cottage did just that with this Scandinavian ski lodge-inspired tree, starting with vintage skis, secured to the branches with floral wire. Then she layered on sticks (gathered during a walk in the woods), snowball ornaments, faux berries, wooden beads, and red Christmas ball ornaments for a pop of color. Voila! Theme accomplished.

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All That Glistens is Gold

Christmas tree idea

Thistlewood Farms

You don't need much to recreate this glistening Thistlewood Farms-decorated Christmas tree: a set of gold ornaments, a fur tree skirt, sparkly ribbons, and a few polka dot ribbons for a bit of pattern. Plus, of course, the tree itself.

If possible, place it in front of a window so your neighbors can enjoy its beauty, too.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink Christmas tree

Getty Images

The non-traditional type? Aim for pink perfection with a fluffy rose-hued tree. As for decorations, take your pick of color combinations: gold for pure glamour, white for classic vibe, or darker shades of pink for an unexpected monochromatic look.

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Hygge, Holiday Style

Christmas tree idea

Francois et Moi

Erin Francois of Francois et Moi is all about the hygge lifestyle, even while decorating for Christmas. "Our main objective is to keep our everyday décor out in the house and accentuate with fresh décor elements," she says.

Take, for instance, this sweetly simple tree in an aluminum bucket. "This strategy helps us keep clutter to a minimum, reins in and helps us be intentional with our decorating budget, and helps us feel cozy and hygge-ified," she notes.

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Add Colors of All Kinds

Christmas tree ideas

The Lily Pad Cottage

The Lily Pad Cottage didn't hold back with the color scheme of this Christmas tree. First came the felt garland, then she added matching ornaments in every color. The kicker? Little gnome Santa ornaments for even more fun and whimsy.

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Celebrate Chrismukkah

Blue Christmas tree ideas

Fashionable Hostess

To give a nod to Hanukkah on her Christmas tree, Fashionable Hostess mixed and matched blue with textured whites and metallics, which glow amongst twinkle lights and hints of gold. What a brilliant way to celebrate both holidays.

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A (Very) White Christmas

Christmas tree ideas

Craftberry Bush

Why stop at one Christmas tree when you can feature a family of them? The more, the merrier when it comes to Christmas décor. Craftberry Bush nestled this trio of trees into her living room, the thought of which has us mentally rearranging furniture to see how many trees we can fit. 

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Decorate a Winter Wonderland

Christmas tree ideas

Lolly Jane

For Lolly Jane, it all started with a pair of vintage ice skates. Then came the flocked tree, then strands of chunky pom pom garlands, then ornaments. The icing on the Christmas tree cake though are the charming winter-themed items, like the antlers, toy train, and nutcracker.

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DIY a Modern Boho Tree

Christmas tree idea

Jennifer Rizzo

If you’re the DIY type, put your own handmade spin on your tree. Above, Jennifer Rizzo added wood bean garlands and wool pom poms next to her bottlebrush tree mantle, then more pom poms (which Jennifer made, of course) and hand-painted ornaments on her tree.

Make a whole weekend of it: one day, make the ornaments, and the next day, decorate the tree. Maybe homemade cookies make their way into your agenda, too. 

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Christmas Decorating, Scandinavian-Style

Christmas tree ideas

Modern Glam

Stick to a neutral color palette for a Scandinavian style Christmas tree like this beauty. Modern Glam’s tree, decked out with 800 micro fairy lights, includes (fake) candles to mimic the northern lights, as well as a wood bead garland, paper snowflakes, ceramic houses, and a few glass ball ornaments.