Italy's New Art Installation Allows You to (Actually) Walk on Water

You can now walk on water—for just two weeks only—thanks to Christo's breathtaking new art installation located on Lake Iseo in Northern Italy. Elle recently revealed a few unbelievable images, as well as a few details about The Floating Piers, which temporarily provides walkable golden pathways that connect the lake's two islands of Monte Isola and São Paulo with the town of Sulzano located on the mainland.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude's latest larger-than-life installation (they were also responsible for The Gates in NYC's Central Park back in 2005) consists of close to two miles of floating dock wrapped in golden canvas. The buoyant walkways invite visitors to stroll atop the water as the pier moves gracefully with the natural currents of the lake. The installation will only be open between June 18 and July 3, but if you haven't already planned a coinciding trip to Northern Italy, you can to view The Floating Piers virtually via the live webcam below.

Are you impressed by Christo's latest installation? Learn more about the artists by picking up a copy of Christo and Jeanne-Claude: A Biography by Burt Chernow.