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Cindy Crawford Reveals the Worst Interior Design Mistake She Ever Made

Cindy Crawford

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Fashion icon Cindy Crawford may be known for her decades-long modeling career, but, according to her, fashion and interior design go hand in hand. This is exactly why Crawford has partnered up with Cosentino, a Spanish interior design brand that produces and distributes luxury surfaces like Silestone and Dekton fit for a stunning kitchen.

As Silestone brand ambassador, Crawford and the Cosentino team recently celebrated the grand opening of the brand's L.A. City Center in West Hollywood. At the striking indoor/outdoor space located in the burgeoning interior design hub of the city, I sat down with the legendary supermodel to chat about her home décor style, why she loves an open floor plan and the best piece of decorating wisdom she's learned.

Her Home Design Is Based on Emotion First, Looks Second

While you may already be familiar with Crawford's personal style, her interior design sensibilities might surprise you. Despite her high-fashion modeling career and icon status, Crawford's style is unexpectedly relaxed and casual. "It's definitely changed as I've grown up," she admits. "I think I came from a more traditional kind of aesthetic and my husband came from a more contemporary one, but they've melded together," Crawford continues. However, for her, true luxury isn't necessarily about how a home looks, but how effortless it feels. "You don't have to use a coaster—that idea, to me, is the ultimate luxury," she concludes.

She Has a "No-Coaster Household" Policy

It's this idea that, in part, drew Crawford to Cosentino. Along with the brand's ability to combine design and fashion, the supermodel loves the practicality of the surfaces they create. "It kind of goes back to my no-coaster household," she explains. "To have a beautiful island that you can actually put red wine on instead of having to say to your friends, 'Oh, sorry. We don't serve red wine in this house,'" Crawford continues. For her, it's about beauty and comfort working together.

Cindy Crawford
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In Crawford's own home, the open floorplan kitchen and living room are where people come together, which is why making it a practical space is so important to her. "That is just where people want to hang out," she says. It's also a place where she, like so many people, has the most family memories. "You always end up in the kitchen, so you need to design that space knowing that it's going to happen," she adds.

Her Biggest Mistake Is a Lesson for All of Us

Although she's now the face of a major interior design brand, Crawford wasn't always so savvy when it comes to home décor. She admits to having made a classic decorating mistake when she moved into her first apartment. Crawford explains that she had ordered a custom sofa for her brand new place, and while she was careful to measure to the wall and how the piece of furniture would fit inside her room, she failed to measure a corner you had to turn before entering the apartment. If you've ever seen the iconic "Pivot!" episode of Friends, you know where this story is going.

"When they came to deliver my sofa, it didn't fit and I couldn't return it because it was custom," Crawford reveals. In the end, she had to have an arm cut off of the sectional and was able to have it recovered once it was inside the apartment. "I actually kept that for a long time because it reminded me again you have to think practically as well as beautifully," Crawford says.

Her Nightstand Essentials Are Practical

With some experience and wisdom under her belt, Crawford knows to approach home décor with functionality in mind, and her nightstand is a clear indication of this mindset. According to her, the three essentials she keeps by her bedside are a book, her phone, and an overnight hand and foot cream. You can expect to find a piece of historical fiction written by a woman sitting on her nightstand, along with her iPhone that serves as her daily alarm, and rich cream from Australian brand Lano. It's perfect for a little overnight beauty treatment right at home, and it completely captures Crawford's interior design philosophy of beauty and comfort expertly melding together.

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