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This Is the Trendy Vase Shape You Need to Add to Your Home

Donut vase filled with greenery.

Courtesy of Sarah Lyon

If we’ve learned anything in this past year, it’s that small, comforting touches can go a long way in improving our home lives. For many of us, that meant finding joy in purchasing eucalyptus stems or bouquets of fresh flowers each week, and while such touches are lovely on their own, the right vase can take any home display from good to great. 

We have spotted donut-shaped vases everywhere these past few months and are eager to incorporate a few more into our spaces. Below are a few of the stylish pieces we are eyeing, all of which we’d eagerly welcome into our own homes—and many are handmade by talented artisans. 

Side table with decorative objects and donut vase.

Courtesy of Sarah Lyon

This speckled vase is rooted in neutrals, but trust us, it’s far from boring. The speckled design adds plenty of artistic flair, and the dip-dyed look is majorly on-trend, too. The six-inch size is currently available for preorder, so snag yours now and give yourself a little something to look forward to once the holidays are over. 

Donut vases with speckles.
ChutbiCeramics on Etsy Donut Vase in Dark Speckles $40.00

This Crate and Barrel piece is a statement maker for sure—and boasts dozens of rave reviews. It would look lovely on a dining table or simply displayed on open shelving. Boasting a 14-inch width, this vase really packs a punch no matter where it’s set. 

Alura Cream Vase
Crate and Barrel Alura Cream Open Vase $70.00

This natural beauty makes for a gorgeous vessel to hold dried florals and other stems in style. While it’s on the small side, it would shine on a windowsill or paired with a grouping of other vases on a dresser. As a bonus, the piece is available in three colors—choose from a white, green, or sand hue. 

Ceramic Donut Vase
Flovina Design Ceramic Doughnut Vase $42.00

This glass hanging vase is a sleek, budget-friendly find bound to please any plant lover. Fill the inside with rocks (they’re included with purchase) then add a few stems or a small succulent to create a natural display. Such a piece will add a modern touch to any room of the house. 

Donut shaped Glass hanging vase
BloomingAdventure on Etsy Donut-Shaped Glass Hanging Vase $13.00

Choose from a half donut or a full one—we won’t judge. The rounded vase is a bit different from the others we’ve highlighted as it also features an elevated base and mouth. The half circle is a fun take on the trend and looks extra contemporary and chic. 

Ceramic White Donut Vase
Flovina Ceramic White Donut Vase $40.00