This Limited Edition Art Collection Sold Out in Four Minutes

Updated 03/29/17
CJ Hendry

She’s best known for her hyper-realistic monochromatic drawings of luxury and pop culture products, the fact that Kanye West, Pharrell, and Flloyd Mayweather all own her work, and for sometimes spending more than 200 hours on a single drawing using only black UniPin pens. It’s safe to say CJ Hendry is one of the most successful and trailblazing Australian artists of our time.  

But the New York-based, Brisbane-local has pushed the boundaries yet again and has experimented with colour for the very first time for a collaboration with famed shoe designer, Christian Louboutin. The result? Mindblowing. Hendry created a collection of 50 bright paint swatch drawings in a rainbow of hues for the luxury brand’s exhibition, entitled Complimentary Colours, at Art Basel Hong Kong. The drawings are so life-like it's seriously hard to believe they’re not actually blobs of paint.

“While I do not have the ability to make each piece with messy oil paint due to my OCD, I have chosen to poke fun at my incapacity by using my photorealistic skillset to render wildly colourful swatches of oil paint with coloured pencil,” says Hendry. “This is the first time I’ve ever used colour in my practice. It’s both invigorating and challenging.”

The three-day exhibition opened last week at the same time 40 of the artwork were released on sale for $3,800 USD per piece and they all sold within just four minutes. CJ Hendry, you are one to watch.

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