These Classic Lasagna Recipes Have a Delectable Twist

In the dead of winter, few things satisfy you like a filling bowl of comfort food does. And truth be told, nothing beats classic lasagna for a comforting, warm meal that's filled with pasta, cheese, and herbs.

To satisfy your cold-weather cravings, we've rounded up some of our favorite traditional lasagna dishes that bring the cozy, homemade flavor you love while also featuring a delectable twist. Whether you whip up bite-size lasagna minis, ditch layers of pasta for a playful lasagna toss, or swap in healthy substitutes, you'll be serving up winter comfort food at its finest with these classic recipes.

lasagna recipe
Foodie Crush

Turkey Bolognese Lasagna Toss

"Turkey takes over for traditional pork, veal, and beef in this rich and delicious homemade bolognese sauce to create a short-cut lasagna dinner that cuts the calories without sacrificing flavor," describes Heidi of Foodie Crush. She loves "a good lasagna with a rich, delicious meaty sauce with loads of cheese layered throughout and then melted on top." This recipe delivers that same decadent flavor but with a healthier turkey bolognese sauce and lasagna tossed instead of layered.

vegan lasagna recipe
The First Mess

Vegan Skillet Lasagna With Homemade Almond Ricotta

A skillet lasagna is a good way to spice things up. Laura of The First Mess calls this vegan stove-top recipe "relatively weeknight-friendly if you play by the book." She explains that you can build your sauce right on the stove with all the add-ins you like. "Nestle some busted-up oven-ready noodles in there, top it with something creamy-cheesy, and call it a day." This hearty recipe substitutes cheese with almond ricotta. Laura filled hers out with carrots, zucchini, and cooked lentils, but also suggests small dices of mushroom, leeks, bell peppers, green garlic, and lightly mashed chickpeas. "It's deeply comforting and familiar," describes Laura, "but without the 'time to go to bed' vibe afterward."

classic lasagna recipe
Half Baked Harvest

Extra-Cheesy Classic Homemade Lasagna

This recipe is for those who want to make their lasagna from scratch. Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest walks you through a step-by-step of her classic homemade lasagna—from making the pasta to a whipping together a homemade béchamel sauce infused with provolone and a pinch of nutmeg.

three cheese lasagna recipe
Salt & Wind

Sweet Sausage and Three-Cheese Lasagna

"When it comes to making lasagna, I have approximately 19,000 versions, but my happy place is my mom's version: this sweet sausage and three cheese lasagna," explains Aida of Salt & Wind. "It's ridiculously easy (no béchamel to speak of) but still really comforting—especially since it's got loads and loads of cheese." This recipe calls for ricotta, mozzarella, and finely-grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

vegetarian lasagna recipe
The Kitchy Kitchen

Vegetarian Lasagna Minis

This smart recipe from Claire of The Kitchy Kitchen ensures that everyone can enjoy "that crunchy, gooey, crispy awesomeness" of that covetable corner piece with a simple muffin-tin hack. "The great thing about this recipe is that you can do it with any type of lasagna," explains Claire. "And if you want to make an old fashioned lasagna, this recipe works great as well, she says.

skillet lasagna recipe
Half Baked Harvest

Simple Vegetarian Lasagna Skillet

Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest admits that a zero-effort lasagna is impossible, but that this skillet recipe is the next best thing. It's lasagna-noodle free, requires one skillet, and can be ready in under an hour.

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