These Are the 15 Best Clawfoot Tubs

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There's nothing like ending the day with a nice long soak—especially if said soak is done in a tub with fancy feet. There's just something about the old-world aesthetic and intricate embellishments of a clawfoot tub that brings a touch of luxury to an otherwise basic space.

Maybe it's because clawfoot tubs evoke images of 19th-century mystique and Old Hollywood glamour—think Ava Gardner in One Touch of Venus, Greer Garson in Julia Misbehaves, and Kim Novak in Pal Joey. But aside from the refined retro charm and statement-making nature of clawfoot tubs, they also happen to be incredibly versatile, and can compliment a range of design styles.

If you've been on the lookout for the right clawfoot tub for your master bathroom but haven't been able to zero on one shape, size, finish, and color, let us help you out. These clawfoot tubs are guaranteed to bring both your self-care ritual and bathroom style to the next level.

The Best Clawfoot Tubs to Shop

Acrylic Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub
The Tub Studio CoreAcryl Acrylic Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub $2,025 $1823

The iron-effect tub exterior gives this tub a farmhouse feel that brings down the level of formality just a touch, while sticking to the old-school refinement you'd expect from a clawfoot tub. It's 54 inches long, with Medici cast iron feet.

Barclay Picasso Double Roll Copper Claw Feet $884

If ornate feet still don't reflect enough glamour for you, then opt for a glitzier material than cast iron and porcelain. This antique hammered copper tub will introduce the perfect dose of moody character to your space. 

Kallista Circe Freestanding Clawfoot Tub $3,995

The dramatic, cast-iron eagle-claw feet are embellished with scrolls, fleur-de-lis, and gargoyles that make this piece hard to miss. It's softened up by the light gray hue, making this tub unique, yet incredibly versatile. 

clawfoot tub
Watermark Fixtures 72" Arsenic Green Cast Iron Edwardian Clawfoot Tub $2,620

For something slightly quirkier, we bring you this green-hued clawfoot tub with white feet. It brings the grandeur of the Edwardian era to your bathroom in a modern way.

Watermark Fixtures Mint Green 60" Porcelain Clawfoot Bathtub $2,489

There's nothing like pale mint green to freshen up a room. It's subtly playful and cheerful while still looking grown-up, thanks to the chrome fixtures and embellished cast-iron feet. 

5' Clawfoot Tub with Black Exterior
Rejuvenation 5' Clawfoot Tub with Black Exterior Gold Feet $3,129 $2039

On the smaller side, this 60-inch clawfoot slipper tub feels posh and refined, without being too over the top. With a contrasting porcelain interior, more subtle embellishments than most clawfoot tubs, and a smooth, durable semigloss black paint, it will look gorgeous anywhere it goes.

Pegasus 5' Acrylic Ball and Claw Feet Slipper Tub in Bisque $925

For something more affordable, opt for a slipper tub, like the above. Relax and recline in this luxurious tub. It's slightly shorter in length, making it perfect for tinier bathrooms, plus the feet aren't cast iron, so it's a good way to get the style benefits of a clawfoot tub without any weight problems.

Watermark Fixtures 6' Pastel Pink Cast Iron with Chrome Clawfeet Tub $2,927

A clawfoot tub that boasts a pink exterior? Your bathroom could not be more Instagram-ready if it tried. This peppy iteration of the traditional tub makes it feel fresh and feminine.

Signature Hardware McQuire 72" Hammered Copper Slipper Tub $2,999

There are regular clawfeet, and there are these clawfeet. They're proportionally larger than most, and the slipper style also gives it a ton of personality. This copper tub features extravagant, reptilian-like clawfeet, so it'll definitely be the center of attention in your bathroom, if not throughout the entire home.

clawfoot tub
Signature Hardware Ralston Cast Iron Double-Ended Tub with Gothic Feet $1,149

If you love the idea of a freestanding tub but want something a little less expected than classic clawfeet, opt for this tub. It's modern-meets-vintage, thanks to a white exterior and Gothic feet.

Penhaglion Cathryn 68" Cast Iron French Bateau Clawfoot Tub $3,695

Step up the drama with a vibrant shade of blue-green on the exterior. This French bateau clawfoot tub from Penhaglion is a lengthy 68 inches, and will accumulate a lived-in, vintage-looking patina after a few years, giving it even more personality. 

Rejuvenation Double-Ended Navy Tub with White Claw Feet $3,329 $2303

With a navy blue exterior, a cast-iron construction, and porcelain interior, this modern interpretation of the classic antique piece features all the retro charm with some functional improvements. For example, the mount is on the rim instead of the inner wall, which makes room for more water, so you can more fully submerge and enjoy the soak.

Barclay 5.6 ft Cast Iron Tub with Wooden Block Feet
Barclay 5.6 ft Cast Iron Tub with Wooden Block Feet $2,899

If you're worried that a clawfoot tub is too fussy but still want to try out the design style, consider this cast iron tub with wooden feet. It's an updated, minimalistic take on the classic, and it manages to be both understated and striking at the same time. 

Watermark Fixtures Silver Gilded Mercury Glass Clawfoot Tub
Watermark Fixtures Silver Gilded Mercury Glass Clawfoot Tub $2,672

Hand-applied silver leaf and glazes combine to create this guilded, mercury glass finish—it doesn't get any more decadent and homey at the same time. We imagine it in a space with gorgeous Spanish tiles. 

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