The Best Clean-Eating Cookbooks for Starting Anew

You'd be hard-pressed to find a diet that all nutrition experts agree is the best, but when it comes to "clean eating," the reviews are fairly unanimous. In a broad sense, it refers to a diet free of refined, processed food. In other words, bagels and chips are out, and fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish are in. Given how complicated and confusing diets can be, it's a refreshingly straight-forward approach to healthy eating.

If you've resolved to improve your diet in 2018, start with a new cookbook. We tapped Amazon's list of the best-selling healthy cookbooks to find out which ones live up to the hype. Kick off the new year with one of these five-star clean-eating cookbooks.

Can't wait for your cookbook to ship? In the meantime, start with these three healthy chicken recipes.

Opening Image: Zuzanna Ploch/StockFood USA