Mermaid-Approved: 10 Enchanting Places With the Clearest Water in the World

We are officially in the dog days of summer, which means that we are basically puddles on legs. And though we may find ourselves melting into subway seats already slippery with another commuter's sweat, our minds are away at sea. Since we'd so rather channel our inner mermaids in enchantings bodies of water (though we'd settle for being human in any body of water, really), we made ourselves comfortable by an AC unit and took a deep dive to discover beautiful places with the clearest water in the world.

From Malta to the Maldives, consider this travel bucket list of beguiling waters a curated siren song—if the siren was of the friendly variety, calling you to a destination that lives up to its breathtaking facade. If you want to hop aboard our mental vacation, or you want to plan an actual vacation, keep scrolling for 10 places with mesmerizing crystal-clear water. Ready to float away? Breezier locales with aquatic delights ahead.