Tired of Dressing in the Dark? These 10 Closet Lighting Ideas Will Help


Courtesy of L.A. Closet Design

Whether your closet is more like a designated corner or a generous walk-in, it’s of utmost importance to make it feel like an elite shopping experience. Because let's face it, no one should have to fumble in the dark on an early morning to find matching shoes. The first place to start is by highlighting the strong points of the room, and we mean with light fixtures of course. When it comes to the task of choosing the right light bulb there are a few things to keep top of mind.

Number one being that the most generous lighting is natural—if this isn’t something you have on hand no worries, it can be mimicked in a few seamless ways. The next thing to remember is all of the worst dressing room memories you ever had (sorry) and then do the opposite. The best way to counter that unflattering look is to understand that not all light sources are created equal—It’s important to pay attention to the temperature of your bulbs (warm is better than cool), the placement of the fixtures. Having controlled pools of luminescence allows for a consistent set-up that you can always rely on.

To ensure we’re on the right track when it comes to illuminating your dressing area, we’ve enlisted Lisa Adams, founder of LA Closet Design, to share her very best tips with us. Without further adieu, let’s blaze into the wardrobe of your dreams with these 10 closet lighting solutions.