5 Things You Could Easily Eliminate From Your Closet Right Now

Updated 05/04/17

It doesn't take long for a well-organized closet to spiral out of control. When you can simply shut the door to disguise mess, it's easy to mentally cast the space aside as a task for later and focus instead on the areas of your house that are clearly visible, like countertops and entryways. But as the seasons shift and spring cleaning moves to the fore of our minds, the team at Martha Stewart Living has found a way to declutter your closet in five minutes, not five hours.

The method is simple: Focus on eliminating clothing and accessories in key categories that you definitely don't need. Now's not the time to address any items of clothing that require thought or deliberation. Instead, put aside a few minutes to purge your closet of pieces that you know you'll never wear again—think concert T-shirts and old bridesmaid dresses.

Start the timer: It takes five minutes to cleanse your closet of these five unnecessary items.

  1. Ill-fitting bras: Do the T-shirt test: Slip your rarely worn bras on under a simple white T-shirt and see what the silhouette and fit look like. If you wouldn't wear it underneath a classic tee, toss it.
  2. Items from past relationships: If you've been holding onto your first-date top or an accessory your ex gave you, it's time to purge. You don't need those reminders sitting at the back of your closet.
  3. Really uncomfortable heels: If you dread the thought of wearing shoes because you know they give you blisters/squash your toes/are like walking on broken glass, add them to the donation pile.
  1. Jeans you don't wear: Chances are you have one or two pairs of go-to comfy jeans and a pile of discarded denim that you've accumulated. Toss the latter.
  2. Concert T-shirt. It might have been cool at the time, but if you haven't worn concert or event merch in 12 months, it's time to let go.

Done? Follow this step-by-step guide to spring-clean your home in a weekend.

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