How You Take Your Coffee Could Be What's Causing Those Headaches

Updated 05/05/19

It's common knowledge that coffee has the power to both relieve and cause headaches. It takes the edge off first thing in the morning, revving up your brain to kick-start the day. Once it wears off as we approach the afternoon, many may feel the inklings of a headache, but it isn't anything a couple glasses of water (or another cup of joe) won't solve. But for some, a seemingly innocuous cup of coffee has the potential to actually trigger debilitating migraines—especially if served a particular way.

For certain individuals, the harmless caffeine withdrawal headache that occurs as the effect of caffeine wears off—blood vessels expand from their contracted state—may trigger full-on migraines, registered dietitian Taylor Jones explains in Authority Nutrition. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, regularly found in or added to coffee, have been shown to negatively affect those who suffer from migraines.

So if you're a migraine sufferer, you may want to reconsider your coffee order. If you aren't taking your coffee black, steer clear of artificial sweeteners, and when you do enjoy your morning brew, be sure to drink plenty of water to alleviate the effects of the blood vessel expansion that could trigger an episode.

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