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11 Gorgeous Coffee Bar Ideas That Make Your Mornings a Little Easier

at home coffee bar ideas

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Tramp-Ligorria 

Every caffeine addict knows that the coffee pot is truly the most important device in any kitchen. But all too often, this little workhorse is shoved in a corner where it's hard to reach and even harder to spend time perfecting that perfect cup of joe. While some may say a coffee bar is not a must-have, our 8 AM selves highly disagree. No matter how much space you have in your home, you can always carve out a little nook dedicated to all things caffeine. If you are looking for ideas to create a cafe-worthy coffee bar in your own home, these 12 setups will give you the jolt of energy (pun intended) you need.

Keep scrolling for our favorite at-home coffee bar ideas that will make your mornings so much better.

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Imitate Your Favorite Café

The perfect coffee bar provides everything you need to make that cup of coffee in one convenient place. We love this plant-covered coffee bar – it's simple enough to work in any corner of your home, and has everything required to give yourself a boost of energy. Mix caffeine and greenery, and you definitely can't go wrong.

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Repurpose a Vintage Piece

This modern farmhouse coffee bar utilizes a vintage buffet to create a coffee bar with all the fixings. It offers just enough storage for the must-haves (sugar packets, tea, etc), but still features a small footprint so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

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Paint a Dresser

The great thing about a stylish coffee bar is that you can make basically any structure work. Look for an unfinished dresser you can paint to match the rest of your space and add a simple mounted shelf to create a coffee bar with all of the essentials. Not only does a dresser give you that minimalist look, but the drawers provide the added bonus of extra storage.

Ikea Tarva
Ikea Tarva 5-Drawer Chest $149.00
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Add Some Flair

This coffee bar looks straight out of a chic New York City coffee shop, and we're all for it. Opt for matte blacks and reclaimed wood pieces to give your coffee bar that industrial look. Bonus points for this custom tiled coffee sign that really elevates the whole display.

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Think Space Saving

Eat-in coffee bar? Check. Space-saving coffee bar? Check. This wonderful coffee bar is perfect for small or large spaces. Because this home cafe, it has a small footprint—but offers not only a place to craft the perfect cup of coffee, but also a little nook to sit and read the morning news.

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Add Plenty of Accessories

If you want your coffee bar to pack a punch, don't be shy with accessories. This coffee bar cart makes use of a letterboard, leaning artwork, and plenty of plants. A bar cart can easily be repurposed into a coffee bar, especially if you're short on space and want a coffee bar you can roll out of the way when necessary.

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Bring in Eclecticism

If you love easy, breezy boho-style decor, you'll love this coffee bar setup. This wicker bookshelf is a wonderful way to add a little extra storage to your kitchen and provide easy-to-access shelving for a coffee bar.

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Try Scandinavian-Inspired

If you are a French press-er or a pour over-er, you don't need as much space as you would with a traditional coffee maker. Keep your coffee bar pared down to house only what you need with matching ceramic mugs and just the essentials.

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Carve Out a Place in Your Kitchen

Whether you're renovating your kitchen or you already have a dedicated coffee bar built into your kitchen, a space like this one is a great way to display all of your coffee needs in a way that feels purposeful and seamless. Repurpose a butler's pantry or even a kitchen island to make a coffee bar that feels one with the rest of your kitchen.

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Bring in Some Farmhouse Charm

A coffee bar needs to serve one purpose: provide everything you need to make a perfect cup of coffee. But if you are someone who opts for simplicity in your home, keep your coffee bar just as simple with this inspiration. Stick to solid colors and matching mugs, and your coffee bar will blend in with the rest of your home.

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Repurpose Unused Wall Space

This fun little coffee bar is just kitschy enough to make our hearts sing, but also incredibly practical and useful. Here, a bit of unused wall space has been turned into a cute little coffee bar—complete with a menu and an awning.