This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Swap Coffee for Bone Broth

Updated 08/01/17

Like health writer Stephanie Eckelkamp at Prevention, we're true coffee lovers at heart. But her decision to swap her afternoon cup of joe admittedly piqued our interest, especially when you consider what drinking something every single day will do to your body.

Like a true caffeine enthusiast, Eckelkamp stuck to her morning cup of coffee and swapped out her afternoon cup for bone broth for an entire week. After doing a bit of research, she decided on Bonafide Provisions Organic Bone Broth, which is frozen; Kettle & Fire Grass-Fed Beef Bone, which is shelf-stable; and Vital Proteins Certified Organic Bone Broth Collagen, which comes in a powder and is made from dried bone broth.

After a few days, she felt that the bone broth gave her a different kind of energy boost, helped cure her chronic munchies, and eased her bloating. "It delivered a dose of what I'd call 'calm energy,' she writes. "Unlike coffee, which can make me feel amped up, anxious, and nervous if I drink too much, bone broth simultaneously increased my ability to focus and made me feel comforted and calm."

As for the munchies, "when I sipped on bone broth, I felt satisfied without needing an additional snack," she notes. Her afternoon cup contained around 40 to 50 calories, depending on the brand, and roughly 10 grams of protein. "On days when I needed a little something extra, I started to add a drizzle of olive oil, chopped garlic or herbs, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper to up the flavor and satiety factor," she adds.

Unsurprisingly, gut-healthy bone broth also proved to be more soothing than coffee, which is acidic and can easily irritate a sensitive stomach. "Specifically, one amino acid in collagen called glycine may reduce gastrointestinal inflammation, aid digestion, and help resolve the condition known as leaky gut syndrome," she explains. While she did end up cheating after a solid week of the swap, Eckelkamp wants to continue with the afternoon bone broth and only turn to coffee when she's in desperate need of a quick energy boost.

Would you try swapping your afternoon caffeine fix with gut-healthy bone broth? Add your two cents below.

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