How to Make Your Favorite Coffee Cocktail Recipe at Home

Sometimes it’s fun to mix our meals up a bit, like when we decide to make breakfast for dinner. Even though it’s the same food, there’s something about switching up when we enjoy it that’s novel… which is why we’re going crazy for the idea of coffee cocktails. We usually get our caffeine buzz right when we wake up in the morning—and have a pick-me-up midday if we’re dragging—but coffee is so tasty we should get to enjoy it at all hours of the day. So we searched high and low to find the most delicious coffee cocktail recipes that you can drink at brunch or even after work. Scroll down to see our favorite easy drink recipes, from White Russians to Vietnamese Irish coffee.


coffee cocktail
Minimalist Baker

This is the perfect time of year for a frozen White Russian… It’s kind of like a refreshing spiked milkshake. The traditional coffee cocktail gets a modern upgrade with full-fat coconut milk subbed in for the cream (this keeps the beverage vegan). Make ice cubes from the coconut milk, and blend with chilled coffee, vodka, Kahlúa, and agave nectar for a hint of sweetness. Go all out and top with coconut whipped cream and chocolate sauce. PS: This also works great as a dessert.


coffee cocktail
I Am a Food Blog

Although there are tons of ways to make it, Vietnamese coffee is traditionally bold. This flavorful coffee cocktail uses a version of the drink made with espresso and condensed milk as the base. When you add a few shots of your favorite Irish whiskey to the beverage, it’s a home run. Since time is of the essence, we especially like how you can use your espresso maker instead of having to brew a whole pot of coffee (we’ll take any shortcut we can get).


coffee cocktail
Running to the Kitchen

We usually have some form of nog around the holidays, but don’t let this coffee cocktail fool you: It should be enjoyed year-round. It all revolves around an out-of-this-world spiced milk crafted from coconut milk, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and other spices. (You’ll have extra, so use it as a coffee creamer the next morning.) Simply shake up the spiced milk, bourbon, and cold-brew concentrate with ice, top with some nutmeg, and you are good to go.

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