This Is Exactly How the World's Healthiest People Take Their Coffee

Updated 05/06/19
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Let's be real: We're most likely not going to give up our morning cup of coffee. For diehard coffee drinkers like ourselves, no amount of scientific evidence in support of tea is going to sway us. However, we're more than open to making our morning cup of brew as healthy as possible—a goal that can be accomplished by looking to the coffee-drinking habits of the world's healthiest people. In that vein, Huffington Post recently consulted the United Nations' new Human Development Report for 2016 and did a deep dive into the healthiest countries' coffee culture.

Here's what the team discovered for the top three spots:

1. Norway

The Scandinavian country snagged the number one spot for the eighth year in a row—and its coffee culture follows suit. "In Oslo, Norway's capital, they're serious about their coffee—from their progressive brew methods to the bean origins and right down to the details in presentation," writes Huffington Post. "Coffee is made from lightly roasted beans, which brew an elegant, tea-like drink. It is served black, without milk or sugar."

2. Australia

The coffee culture is so strong in Australia that even Starbucks failed to take off there back in 2000. "While Americans guzzle drip coffee as a way to fuel up for a work day, Australians associate coffee with wellness, socializing and practicing mindfulness," the site notes. "It's about quality espressos, not cream and sugar."

3. Switzerland

This mountainous country is home to some serious coffee drinkers, who prefer their brew strong and robust. "Dark roast espresso and 'kaffee crème'—which is a long espresso-based drink with milk—are the most popular ways to drink coffee in Switzerland."

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