New Study Says Coffee Could Help Reverse Liver Disease

If you spend your nights guzzling whiskey and your mornings downing coffee—no judgement here, I basically just described my typical Friday night and Saturday morning—I have some interesting news. The New York Post is reporting that “drinking more coffee might help reduce the kind of liver damage that’s associated with overindulging in food and alcohol.” A new study out of England has found that drinking two additional cups of coffee per day is linked to lower risks of liver damage. The researchers are quick to warn that their discoveries depend on a variety of factors, and certain conditions like obesity and diabetes were not taken into consideration.

They are also not sure what type of beans or coffee brewing methods are the most beneficial, or if they even matter at all. The lead author, Dr. Oliver Kennedy of the Southampton University, put it this way, “Coffee is a complex mixture containing hundreds of chemical compounds, and it is unknown which of these is responsible for protecting the liver.” Still some of these compounds are beneficial. Just be sure you’re not drinking sugar-loaded triple shot venti caramel lattes, as anything with tons of sugar topped with whipped cream is not the best way to prevent liver damage.

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What do you think of the coffee news?