Styling Ideas for an Effortlessly Chic Coffee Table

When it comes to crafting a beautiful coffee table I suggest incorporating layers, layers, and more layers! This is a perfect place to inject a focused dose of your personal style into your home. I like to start with a base of personal books, layer in gorgeous moments, and finish with a pop of color. As always, my design philosophy of eclecticism remains true, so mix it up, have fun, and remember changing your accessories is as easy as changing an outfit. Coffee

Be a Bookworm: A coffee table lacking a stack of gorgeous books is like an outfit without accessories. I personally love books that cover travel and high design, but any topic of personal interest will do. When choosing coffee table books it's important to check out the book's spine, as the design of the spine is ultimately what you will see when the books are stacked on the table.

Layer in Functional Luxury: Candles are such a necessary luxury to help you relax and create an inviting space with warmth and scent. I love the candles from Santa Maria Novella and Le Labo because their scents are spa-inspired and complementary. Add a Pop of Color: Make your coffee table sing by finishing your design with a dose of color. Whether its a low arrangement of fresh flowers or a bright accessory, incorporating color will add life to the grouping. To add a level of practicality and style, choose a set of coasters that can not only save your table from water damage but also add a saturated color moment. For more inspiration and ideas, check out Everything You Need for a Skillfully Styled Coffee Table. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of Benjamin Vandiver