The Surprising Trend That's Taking College Campuses by Storm

When I was in college, if you needed to make some extra cash, you got a job pulling espressos or pints at the local coffee shop or bar across the street from the university. However, times have changed, and one way current college students are making cash is quite surprising.

Bloomberg Business is reporting that selling class notes is the hot new way to earn money. A startup called Luvo enables students to upload meticulously taken personalized handwritten notes and sell them to fellow students who are desperately in need of help at school.

The Boston-based marketplace founded by a 27-year-old Kent State University graduate has 118,000 registered users, with sellers earning $400 (on average) per semester. While some universities have banned the service, stating that buying someone else’s notes is a form of cheating, students argue that office hours are inconvenient and that lecture course professors are widely unavailable.

The majority of the note buyers are looking for last-minute help the night before a big test: The most active time on the website is 1 a.m. Bloomberg points out that “the online market for notes has grown in the past five years,” so only time will tell if this trend continues to build a following.

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