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16 No-Fail Color Combinations to Freshen Up Your Home

color combinations


Let's face it: Picking out colors for your home can be overwhelming. (If you've ever started sweating profusely in the paint-chip aisle of your local hardware store, you know the feeling.) Especially if you're a true color-lover like us, it can be incredibly difficult to narrow down the rainbow into just one or two hues that fit your home's style. But take it from the pros: Incorporating every color in the crayon box isn't an ideal solution either unless you're the type of person who takes the word "maximalist" to a whole new level.

Finding colors that work well together, however, isn't as difficult as it may seem. While there are obviously classic combinations that are tried-and-true—nautical blues and whites, green and gold—there's no reason to return to those same pairings again and again. Our favorite color combinations of the moment are a little more unexpected and exciting—pairing muted almost-neutrals with super-saturated brights, or putting a fresh and fun spin on some of those "classic" combos to breathe new life into them. In short? There's a whole world of color out there, and the prettiest pairings haven't been worn out yet—not by a long shot.

If you're looking to infuse some new hues into your home, look no further. These buzzy and brilliant palettes are just the thing to have you looking at your space in a whole new way—whether you're ready to take the plunge with a new paint job, or just pepper in some new throw pillows to get the look.

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Sage and Greige

color combinations

 Backdrop/Urban Outfitters

Greige (especially lavender-leaning varieties like this one) has been making waves as a new favorite not-quite neutral... and so has muted sage, so it only makes sense that the two would pair beautifully together. (For two such subdued colors, the resulting combination is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.)

Backdrop not so delicate paint
Backdrop Standard Finish in Not So Delicate $59.00
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Teal and Camel

Color combinations

 Design: Decorist/Casey Hardin

Look no further than the color wheel to discover why this pairing by Decorist designer Casey Hardin works so well. Orange is across the wheel from blue, making them complementary colors—so orange-tinged leathers and even golden metallics look super striking paired with teal. We love how versatile this palette is, with lots of opportunities to bring out boho vibes in the accessories and textures.

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Black and Chartreuse

color combinations

 Design: R. Higgins Interiors

Is it just us, or is chartreuse having a major moment? This funky, rebellious shade is becoming a fast favorite. We love the idea of dialing up its already-head-turning look with a black or dark grey background to add some drama and glamour to this "look at me" shade.

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Pink and Blue

color combinations

 Design: Rachel Halvorson, Photo: Paige Rumore

Ditch whatever "baby's first nursery" image comes to mind when you think of designing with pink and blue—tons of designers are showing that it's possible to pair these pastels without getting an infantile look. A mix of playful prints and grounding greys help elevate this color combination to #adulting status.

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Deep Red and Pool Blue

color combinations

Design: Peti Lau, Photo: Nick Onken

Deep reds and super-saturated blues are classic Americana colorways (just take a look at colonial homes), but that doesn't mean they're tired or boring. Putting such lively colors next to one another makes a huge impact—and this green-tinged blue feels ultra-fresh as opposed to a more traditional navy.

blue green paint
Backdrop Standard Finish in Surf Camp $59.00
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Periwinkle and Red

color combinations

 Design: Alexander Doherty, Photo: Marius Chira

This unexpected combo is one we can't wait to try out. Bright red lends a kick of spice to purple-y blue, taking it in a fresh new direction that perfectly blends masculine and feminine influences.

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Gold and Sage

color combinations

 Design: Decorist/Jessica McCarthy, Photo: Nicolas Baron

Looking for a modern twist with your glamorous gold hues? An ultra-muted tone of sage provides the perfect pseudo-neutral backdrop, as this space by Decorist designer Jessica McCarthy skillfully shows.

brass floor lamp
West Elm Hudson Floor Lamp $349.00
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Lilac and Mist

color combinations

 Design: Rachel Halvorson, Photo: Paige Rumore

We're well-documented fans of painting the inside of bookcases to add a jolt of color to your space—and this light, grey-green mist color adds just the right amount of contrast so this living room's lilac throw pillows really pop.

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Cocoa and Lime

color combinations

Design: Liz Caan, Photo: Joe St. Pierre

Doesn't this combination just sound delicious? This quirky abode makes use of traditional textiles in a neutral shade—the cocoa-colored damask—and then flips the script with a bright lime green slipper chair to make the space truly one-of-a-kind. This juxtaposition adds so much personality to this little corner.

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Violet and Mint

color combinations

Design: Kevin Isbell, Photo: David A. Land

This candy-shop color palette is nothing short of irresistible. Darling violet and mint patterns dominate the space, while even the accessories—look at those lemony lamps!—evoke the sweetness of hard candy.

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Peacock and Lavender

color combinations

Design: Legaspi Courts Design 

Purples and blues always feel lush to us, but seeing them mingle with midcentury influences in this urban-chic loft space takes the cake. On-trend peacock brings a touch of elegance to this edgy home.

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Robin's Egg and Navy

color combinations

Design: Lauren Nelson, Photo: Bess Friday

A surefire way to get a color combination that works: Select two different variations on the same color—one dark, one light. (Paint chips can be your best friend in this regard.) Rich navy cabinets set the scene in this kitchen, where barely-there light robin's egg blue can really come to life.

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Black and Emerald

color combinations

Design:  Cortney Bishop, Photo: Katie Charlotte

Drama-seekers, this one's for you. Emerald velvet feels ultra-luxe against shades of black or dark slate, creating a space where it always feels like cocktail hour is about to begin.

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Periwinkle and Sapphire

color combinations

 Design: Liz Caan, Photo: Joe St. Pierre

There's no rule that says jewel tones must exist in a dark and serious space—pairing them with lighter colors in the same family, as is done here, can bring a cheery and refreshing feel to even the most opulent colors.

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Slate and Saffron

color combinations

 Design: Ashley Clark/sKout, Photo: Ryan Garvin

Slate and saffron for a kids' room? It can be done. While those elegant colors might seem a little grown-up at first, styling them with a little whimsy (and a few other Crayola-box shades) infuses the space with plenty of childlike excitement. (Best of all, these colors are easy to grow into— so there's no need to repaint every two years.)

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Lemon and Eucalyptus

color combinations

 Design: Cortney Bishop, Photo: Katie Charlotte

This combination is a breath of fresh air. Bright, cheery yellow chairs jump out against a wall of built-ins painted in a regal eucalyptus shade, reminding us of nature—we'd love to wake up to breakfast in this space every day.