Color Palette: Blue Jasmine

Despite mixed reviews over the years, no one has ever accused Woody Allen of under-delivering on atmosphere. And judging from the Tex-Mex-meets-Christmas-imbued backdrop in the above still, the trend shows every sign of continuing. Starring the amazing Cate Blanchett, new film Blue Jasmine (which is in limited release on Friday) tells the tale of a riches-to-rags New York socialite on-the-brink, and--call us crazy--we think Blanchett's neutrals-heavy buttoned-up ensemble against the spectral fireworks is nothing short of visually brilliant. We're picturing the combination as an exotically leaning indoor-outdoor room, as detailed below, but suggest applying this palette to any space in need of an adrenaline shot. 1. Unify a modern-meets-traditional moment by underlining it with another unexpected element--in this case, a floor painted Ivy League Green, and a formal doorframe outlined in a minty Lime Sherbert. 2. Riff on an established combination--red and green--by introducing counter-intuitive lighter shades (cue Lime Sherbert and accents in Midnight Fog) to break-up the infamous pair. The effect has an awkward-but-it-works effect, not unlike that of Arrested Development. 3. Use neutral counterpoints such as ceramic vessels in Walton Cream to calm the madness--but don't let them in without a bit of brightness. We like a painted-on Pantone Peacock Blue stripe, or floor cushions with straight-up Red detail.   dh-about-hue
domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-01 domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-02 domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-03
"Red" (#2000-1)0, $37, Benjamin Moore "Ivy League" (#5010-5), $33 Valspar "Walton Cream" (#RLVM230), $40, Ralph Lauren
domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-04 domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-05 domaine-blue-jasmine-paint-06
"Lime Sherbert" (#6005-9B), $33, Valspar "Midnight Fog" (#Cl197), $33, Valspar "Pantone Peacock Blue" (#PN8060) $33, Valspar
Photograph: Perdido Productions. Illustrations: Bianca Gonzalez Marra