Having a Moment: Saturated Interiors

Every gallon of paint requires some commitment, but there's a new type of decorating that's truly tying the knot: saturated interiors. Like a dollhouse hand-dipped in Benjamin Moore, the look requires you to really commit to color from footrest to ceiling for a glamorously confident result. Be it over-dyed rugs that appear to climb up jewel-toned walls or solid upholstery color-matched to pigment-rich built-ins, the look is a perfect fit for those who've met their soul swatch. header1 The most regal of textiles, velvet upholstery coordinating with your room's walls instantly signals which color is king. Prominent upholstered seating, such as sofas and armchairs, in close proximity to the room's exterior will make the strongest impact, but in unison with complementary accessories, velvet drapes can have a similarly striking effect.
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Fulton Chair, $2200, Schoolhouse Electric Mallard Velvet Curtain, From $25, World Market Mallard Green #2053-10, From $37, Benjamin Moore
header2 There's no hard-and-fast rule that saturated interiors have to be solid: integrating color-rich pattern via wallpaper, throw pillows, and even artwork can be an intriguing way to let color run deep through your interiors. Just be sure to select at least one solid for your walls, floors, or accents so guests can see which hue is "you."
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Traditional Large Victorian Wallpaper #WFLO-92778, $67, Designer Wallcoverings Red Zebra Pop Throw Pillow, $125, Jonathan Adler  Urban by Isaac Zoller, From $90, The Tappan Collective
header3 A room completely doused in a single color is hard to pull off and can begin to feel like an asylum. Be sure to give your palette a break in select furnishings, stained wood floors, and accessories, and use the predominant color to draw attention to special contrasting features, such as artwork or a light-filled skyline.
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Charade Studded Vase, $195, Jonathan Adler Auckland Rug, From $300, Z Gallerie Nate Berkus Classic Task Lamp, $39, Target
header4 Keep things interesting by saturating your space with a range of finishes, such as high-gloss paint juxtaposed with eggshell or a linen chair paired with a silk throw pillow. The reflection of light off of various materials will create a romantic ambience and give the room a decidedly adventurous aesthetic.
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Yellow Bel Air Scoop Vase, $228, Jonathan Adler Gold Overdyed Rug, $8319, HD Buttercup Watt Floor Lamp, $299, Blu Dot
header5 Saturated interiors are not for the unenthusiastic. Wait until you've found a color you truly cannot live without -- floor to ceiling -- to commit to one. White walls will never do you wrong, but a room drenched in a just so-so shade could end in divorce.
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Enchanted #2070-50, From $37, Benjamin Moore St. Giles Blue #280, From $97, Farrow & Ball Marine Blue #2059-10, From $37, Benjamin Moore
Source: Thomas Loof for Architectural Digest, Nina Campbell, Ingrid Rasmussen for Thames & Hudson, Polly Wreford, AD France, William Waldron for Architectural Digest