This Is the Easiest Way to Add Color to Your Home

Tappan Collective is an online platform that introduces emerging visual artists to both new and seasoned collectors. As a source of education and discovery, it shares insights on collecting art and the latest trends for art lovers. Here, Tappan gives you, MyDomaine readers, an introduction to adding color to your home with art.

It's easy to feel a little daunted by the idea of investing in colorful pieces of furniture. Our tastes are constantly shifting and evolving, and that's reflected in our home décor. A bright piece of furniture may look beautiful, but what happens if you want to change your color scheme later on? Adding color through artwork is a simple, versatile alternative.

Artwork can be moved around from room to room to change with your home's shifting design. Pricing options are (thankfully) just as flexible. There are easy and effective ways to add a splash of color by choosing artwork that is diverse in color and composition. Color adds energy and extra personality to space, but the key is to trust your eye, be confident in your decision-making, and don’t overdo it unless you’re trying to! 

Keep reading for our three tips on how to best add a dose of color to your walls. 

Ready to add artwork to your home? Let us know which artistic palette you're choosing!