16 Works of Colorful Art to Brighten Up Your Walls

Colorful Art
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Never underestimate the power of colorful art. Though we love a good black-and-white print or abstract painting, there's just something about bold, colorful art that brings a home to life. That being said, it's also notoriously hard to find online, which is why we decided to scour the internet for beautiful pieces you'll want to adorn your walls with.

From subtle pops of muted colors to swathes of bold hues and large-scale saturated photographs, we made sure to find a variety of styles and tones for all your color needs. Whether you're looking for something that'll bring out other touches of color throughout the room or you're hoping to brighten up a neutral-hued space, you'll find something you love in our selection of 16 works of colorful art.

Cheryl Maeder Submerge V
Cheryl Maeder "Submerge V" $890

Maeder's work is an interesting, specialized mix of photography and watercolor. This dreamy image captures the connections we make with our environments, and it's the perfect piece to display in the bathroom or dining room.

Sergio Leiva Full Moon
Sergio Leiva "Full Moon" $900

Sergio Leiva is a blooming artist based in Costa Rica whose inky acrylic works on canvas are nothing short of powerful—visually and thematically. If you love displaying abstract work at home, this piece will add a unique mood to your space.

Rives Granade Ciphered, Seismic, Soleil
Rives Granade "Ciphered, Seismic, Soleil" $1300

Created with gouache, watercolor, marker, and inkjet transfer on paper, Rives Granade's artwork is the burst of energy your walls have been craving. In his words, "The work seeks to integrate disparate imagery into a homogenous composition—referencing everything from neo-graphic design to Asian television, yet their legacy ultimately lies in relationship to surrealism. The colors are keyed high (almost neon) in order to emphasize the artificial nature of the imagery. It is my intention that these paintings be totally familiar and at the same time completely unrecognizable."

Jason Trotter Purple on Point Triptych Jet0451
Jason Trotter "Purple on Point Triptych Jet0451" $585

Geometric and striking yet simple in composition, this original Jason Trotter painting features three affixed canvases with simple shapes that form a bold composition in purple shades. The unique scale and composition make it ideal for corners and lackluster nooks.

Michael DeSutter Dress Optional
Michael DeSutter "Dress Optional" $425

Tappan Collective describes this piece as intending to "examine the beauty of the individual." The colorful collage features "striking swathes of bold contrasting colors" and is made of vintage source materials.

Matthew Trygve Tung Untitled Tower
Matthew Trygve Tung "Untitled Tower" $130

The composition of this drawing and the striking red make it a gorgeous piece that's both soothing and unsettling in all the right ways. The symmetry and attention to detail make this drawing of a modern building feel simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.

Marleigh Culver #47
Marleigh Culver "#47" $360

Inspired by the beauty of fertility and life, Marleigh Culver creates subtly moving paintings. Simple and playful, this framed print will cheer up any environment. We also love the abstract shapes and bold colors.

Ethan Caflisch Floating on Bass Lake
Ethan Caflisch "Floating on Bass Lake" $1100

Ethan Caflisch's color study is the perfect balance between understated simplicity and unique use of color. Though the artist is known for his bold black-and-white graphics, this painting is captivating and understated.

David Kitz Whites
David Kitz "Whites" $2000

We love how up close and personal David Kitz gets with his still-life photographs—and this one is no exception. Layers of old magazines, books, and journals create a three-dimensional feel to this photograph.

Steve Klinkel Contemporary Frog Cactus Watercolor Painting
Steve Klinkel Contemporary "Frog Cactus" Watercolor Painting $85

Though this spunky botanical watercolor painting could stand alone on your walls, we think the scale and touch of whimsy make it the perfect piece to add to a gallery wall. Have fun with it and mix and match frames!

Annelie Vandendael Sois Belle 2.10
Annelie Vandendael "Sois Belle 2.10" $950

If you love saturated photography that evokes a specific mood and connection between viewer and subject, check out Annelie Vandendael's work. Some of her photographs have a more pensive tone while others are cheekier.

Alison Cooley Tidal 9176
Alison Cooley "Tidal 9176" $600

"Atmosphere and continuity are big themes in all of my work. For the Tidal series, I drew on a palette of earthy pigments, vaporous veils of color, and delicate markings to create a sense of the fragility and strength of the natural world. As in nature, elements in the paintings replicate, change, fade, and return over and over," says Alison Cooley. Created on yupo paper, this artwork has a glassy, almost plastic-looking sheen to it, which creates a very interesting layering of dimension and color.

Alice Quaresma Mental Object 7
Alice Quaresma "Mental Object 7" $2700

Inspired by Susan Sontag's book On Photography, Alice Quaresma invites us to think about the medium of photography and its power to not capture reality, but transform it. "I am creating an imaginary reality that invites the audience to make their truth by using images that are subjective. Breaking out of the confines of a fixed frame creates possibilities. The painted line welcomes these possibilities, as well as questioning photography's rigid assertion of objectivity," she explains.

Kris Tamburello Overlapped: Striped Translucent Cubes
Kris Tamburello "Overlapped: Striped Translucent Cubes" $4000

It doesn't get much more colorful than this. Kris Tamburello's large-scale, abstract pieces are truly one of a kind. With overlapping neon stripes and cubes, this one is particularly striking and thought-provoking.

Paul Edmonson Cloud and Sky No. 15
Paul Edmonson "Cloud and Sky No. 15" $1180

Paul Edmondson, who's best known for his landscape photography of the American West, captures gorgeous moments in nature that have a surreal feel to them. This piece comes in a frame with unwired D-rings for easy installation.

Tom Fowlks Kiss This
Tom Fowlks "Kiss This" $885

There's nothing like art that sends a strong message. Not only do the bubblegum pink and fire-engine red offer a fun pop of color, but the narrative is also intriguing. We love the juxtaposition between flirty, kitschy romance and overall sense of grit. It sits in a white wood shadow-box frame with a paper reveal, creating depth through the UV plexiglass.

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