The Colorful Cookware Trend Will Help You Update Your Kitchen in an Unexpected Way

Whittney Parkinson

Whittney Parkinson

If you're anything like me, you've spent a good amount of time scrolling through Instagram, whether on purpose or just as a mindless activity. Social media apps can keep you in the loop on current design trends and serve as inspiration for future projects, but they can also show you things you never knew you needed, like bright and colorful cookware sets.

The first time Instagram served me an ad for colorful cookware, I thought it was adorable but kept scrolling. I had cookware. My current set wasn't cute, but it worked. Then I learned that my cookware might have harmful chemicals, so I knew I wanted to switch to a ceramic cookware set.

Luckily for me, I had a host of beautiful ceramic cookware options at my fingertips—thank you Instagram—but I couldn't help but notice that all of the brands being served to me—Our Place, Great Jones, Caraway—had one thing in common: they were bursting with color. I'm not talking about a traditional kitchen red or navy-blue-that-almost-passes-for-black. I mean fun colors, like dark blush and spruce green. Colors that really push the envelope on what cookware is supposed to look like, and, honestly, I love it.

And if the sales are any indication, I'm not the only one who's into it.

Caraway, the colorful cookware set dubbed "the internet's favorite cookware" and the set I eventually landed on, saw its business grow 20 times from January 2020 to January 2021 and continued to sell out of its popular pots and pans month after month.

But why the demand for colorful cookware now?

Jordan Nathan, CEO and Founder of Caraway, shared some insight as to why colorful cookware is having a moment.



Colorful Cookware Adds Personality to Your Space

Aren't we always looking to personalize our space?

"Similar to other products in the kitchen and home, people love to find cookware that brings some personality to their kitchen, especially since it's a statement-making product that can sit on top of your stovetop or countertop," says Nathan.

It Makes Serving Simple

"Cookware with fun, bold colors also make for a great presentation on the dinner table, so you can go straight from the burner or oven directly to serving your guests in style," says Nathan.

Not only does this eliminate the need to transfer your hot dish from your cookware to a serving bowl, but it'll leave you with half as many dishes afterward, as well. Which is always a good thing.

Colorful Cookware Makes Cooking More Enjoyable

Some people love to cook, live to cook, are always ready to whip something up, and some of us...are not those people. And we need a little motivation if we're going to have to cook for ourselves.

"Many of our consumers have shared that having well-designed, colorful cookware motivates them to cook more often, especially after a year where many have been cooking at home much more than they normally have in the past," Nathan says.

While we'd love to think that these gorgeous pots and pans will basically turn you into a chef, the reality is you still have to chop up the vegetables, spice and flavor them appropriately, and then actually cook them. 

But would I rather cook in an ordinary black pan or a Terracotta one? I'll take the one with color, please. 

A 2014 study on "Color Psychology: Effects of Perceiving Color on Psychological Functioning in Humans" found that while more thorough research is needed, "color can carry important meaning and can have an important impact on people's affect, cognition, and behavior."

But we didn't really need a study to tell us that. Color can affect different people in different ways, but if it brings you joy, why not bring that joy into the kitchen with you?

It Saves Cabinet Space

If you're wanting to show off a pop of color in your kitchen via your stovetop, that frees up cabinet space for other items that aren't as sightly.

Colorful Cookware Is Renter-Friendly

A win for renters!

Don't want to paint the walls or cabinets in your rented space? Colorful cookware is a great, portable way to add color to your kitchen without having to DIY anything in the process.

It's Just Plain Fun

Ok, can we just say it? Colorful cookware is fun. And after the year we've had, a little fun in the kitchen sounds really nice.

Whether you're someone who already loves color or someone just toying with the idea of adding a small pop of color into your decor, implementing colorful cookware is a new way to stretch the traditional kitchen aesthetic.

"Just like with cooking, experimenting with color in the kitchen can and should be fun, and we enjoy seeing people step out of their comfort zones," says Nathan.



How to Choose Your Own Colorful Cookware

Ok, so you're on board. You're ready to buy some colorful cookware. How do you go about picking a color?

Every home cook and kitchen has their own style, and we would encourage everyone to make this decision according to their own design and aesthetic preferences.

Do you just go with the one that sparks immediate joy you or try to match it to your current kitchen color palette? Nathan says there are no wrong answers.

"Every home cook and kitchen has their own style, and we would encourage everyone to make this decision according to their own design and aesthetic preferences," he explains. "That said, we do love to see customers get creative and choose colors that speak to them."

How does Caraway choose their colors? By staying on top of color trends, researching what colors people are searching for, and by listening to what their consumers want.

"Our active interior design-obsessed community on social media also keeps us aware of what they would like to see next, and we take those insights into consideration when it comes to designing new core & limited edition color collections," Nathan explains.

"This approach allows us to release and tell fresh, never-been-done-before color stories, in addition to serving our most loyal fans," he adds.

What if I'm Hesitant About Investing in a Colorful Staple Item?

"While we are fans of colorful cookware, we understand that it’s not for everyone!" says Nathan.

Most brands that offer trending colors also have a few neutral tones such as cream and gray, so you don't have to go the colorful route if you're not ready.

"We often encourage customers who are hesitant on buying a bright color to buy a la carte single cookware pieces first as a great way to test a brighter color in their kitchen before buying a full set," Nathan adds.

So if you're just looking to purchase new nonstick cookware or if you're just searching for a way to add more color to your life, perhaps give colorful cookware a chance.