Adorable Holiday Décor With No Red, Green, or White in Sight

bright christmas trees

Melanie Riccardi/Stocksy

Each holiday season brings with it an array of unique Christmas décor—usually in shades of red, green, and white (and occasionally a metallic or two). But the maximalists in your life can surely attest that the holiday décor landscape extends far beyond these three colors. Blue décor is abundant. Rainbow décor lurks in the corners of some of your favorite stores. And pink décor? It absolutely abounds. 

Given this veritable rainbow of festive shades we have to choose from, why do we limit ourselves to a three-tone palette year after year?

Sure, there’s something to be said for establishing a classic décor set-up, packing it up in January, and whipping it out when the season begins again. That strategy is efficient, convenient, and budget-friendly—it practically demands respect. 

But sometimes, it’s not respect you’re after. Sometimes, you don’t want to do things as methodically as possible. You’d rather break from the norm, stock up on new décor, fill your home with a festive aesthetic that’s out-of-the-box and unexpected. (Or maybe that consistent strategy you turn to time and time again is just decidedly maximalist, and you’re simply looking for a piece or two to finish things off.)

Given this veritable rainbow of festive shades we have to choose from, why do we limit ourselves to a three-tone palette year after year?

When the holiday décor landscape is so vast and varied, there’s little reason to arbitrarily constrain yourself to a few classic colors. Tradition can be a beautiful thing. But an individual aesthetic you’ve carefully crafted yourself? That can be beautiful, too. 

The good news is you get to choose your beautiful—and the décor on offer is so cute it’s basically impossible to go wrong. 

pink stocking
Anthropologie Marjorie Embroidered Stocking $58

Peachy pinks may not be on the traditional holiday menu, but they’re too pretty to pass up. This embroidered stocking is the perfect excuse to expand your palette—and to do so in a generally low-key way.

blue garland
Target 10ft Tinsel Christmas Garland Silver and Blue $6

Put this garland up for your December holiday of choice, and leave it up through the new year. It’s the kind of holiday accent that could double as home décor, depending on your aesthetic.

pink and gold ornaments
Anthropologie Glitter Brushed Ornaments, Set of 9 $38

These light pink ornaments are the perfect alternative to more classic red baubles. They offer warmth and subtlety in equal measure—and they’re just out-of-the-box enough to turn heads.

blue christmas tree
King of Christmas 6.5' Blue Flock Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights $439

Line this sky blue beauty with your most colorful ornaments and your sparkliest garlands, or leave it unadorned. Either way, it’s sure to make a statement. 

colorful tree topper
Target Retro Gold Tinsel Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper $20

Even if you’re on the fence about this unique holiday décor situation, you can surely agree: The tree topper is the perfect place to have a little fun. This stunning piece is colorful whether the lights are on or off, so you can rest assured it will look beautiful no matter the time of day.

pompom ornament
Urban Outfitters MoMA Pompom Christmas Ornament $5

Glass ornaments are classically pretty, but other excellent options abound. This fluffy ornament will add a little textural flair to your tree, while also shaking up your palette. (Plus, you’ll never have to worry about it shattering.)

pale pink wreath
CB2 Pine Pink Wreath $50

This pink pine wreath is pretty enough to leave up during any season. Even minimalists can find a place for such a stunning, subtle piece in their homes.

pompom garland
Anthropologie Multicolored Pom-Pom Ribbon $12

Nothing says “maximalism” like colorful pom-poms. While the shades on this one aren’t wholly surprising, they’re still incredibly fun—and they offer an accessible way to change things up just a little bit.

pink christmas tree
Urban Outfitters Pink Christmas Tree In A Tube $24

This tiny pink Christmas tree is endlessly adorable. And the fact that it comes packed inside a tiny tube only makes it cuter. Convenience and unique appeal? A true thing of beauty.

GrandinRoad Sugarplum Ornaments, Set of 20 $159

This ornament set offers baubles in an array of untraditional colors, but still feels decidedly sleek and sophisticated. By restricting the palette to pastels and jewel tones, the set avoids the overwhelming feeling that can accompany an all-color-everything aesthetic.

bead garland
Target Beaded Tree Garland Pink $3

This metallic pink garland will make a unique addition to any holiday décor collection—and a versatile one, too. Bring it back out for Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, birthdays, and any other occasion that warrants a little pink sparkle.

glass christmas tree
Urban Outfitters MoMA LED Light Glass Christmas Tree $30

These tiny light-up Christmas trees are about as unique as they come. Small, sleek, and colorful, they’re sure to look great on their own or mixed and matched in a set.

metallic paper fan
Anthropologie Metallic Paper Fan $14

These paper fans offer a metallic pink twist on the classic hanging snowflake. Line your ceilings with them, and prepare to inhabit a seriously pink winter wonderland in the coming weeks.

macaron ornaments
Anthropologie Macaron Ornaments, Set of 6 $58

Macarons are a beautiful thing. And glitter-covered, metallic maracon ornaments? Even more beautiful.

bottle brush trees
Anthropologie Brush Tree, Medium $14

These itty-bitty Christmas trees will make a festive, colorful, and space-efficient addition to any home. (A veritable holiday triple threat, if we’ve ever seen one.)

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