This Bright and Cheerful Home Will Have You Grinning From Ear to Ear

Colorful Family Home Tour
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Designing a home that will reflect the whole family's style as well as the surrounding environment while also looking cohesive and well-curated is a tall order. But when Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design was enlisted to design a sprawling four-bedroom, five-bathroom ranch-style home, she was up for the challenge. Her task was to fill all the main liveable spaces, which included a "huge double entry, the living room, dining room, breakfast nook area, den, and office," she tells MyDomaine.

The home sits behind a quaint gated community in Westlake Village in Los Angeles and features gorgeous dark espresso cabinetry and hardwood floors and looks out over the expansive Santa Monica Mountains. After working with her clients to come up with a plan to fill such a large space, Borchard zeroed in on a goal: make sure the house had personality and flow within each space. Borchard describes the homeowners as a "young family who loves color and isn't afraid to take risks with design," so in the design she wanted to "make sure to everything was cohesive and had a reason for being there." And we'd say Borchard achieved that and then some. Read on to see how she transformed the space and take a virtual tour of this colorful family home. 

Creating Flow in the Living Space

Family Home Style
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

"This living room has an incredible view of the Santa Monica mountains, so we wanted to play off those colors and textures," says Borchard. That meant grounding "the space with neutral pieces like the vintage gray rug and oatmeal-colored sofas." Next, they decided to layer "in different textures with the wood table, leather chairs, and vintage textiles in the pillows." Together, each piece creates a calm, warm, and liveable environment that speaks to the landscape it looks out on. 

Family-Friendly Living Room
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

And because the space is wide open and opens into the kitchen, Borchard wanted to make sure it didn't get overpowered with too much color, she tells us. It complements the rest of the house while also feeling like it's own distinct little area. Since her clients love color, she "decided to use a neutral base and add in blues and greens first to complement the location of the house and the mountains surrounding it." She also added touches of warmer tones as pops of color.  

Los Angeles Home Tour
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Because the breakfast nook is also apart of the living room, Borchard opted for similar textures and warm, neutral colors. Each item is a nice balance between casual and durable to comfortably withstand everyday use, while also being pretty enough to blend in while entertaining guests in the living room. 

Striking the Balance Between Casual and Formal

Colorful Dining Room
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

The main goal in the dining room was to strike the balance between formal and approachable, a fitting goal in a stylish but family-friendly home. "We wanted to create a continuous feeling from the den into this pace and have it be a 'casual' formal dining room," Borchard tells us. It also opens up to the den area, the more casual living room in the home.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Borchard also tells us, "Since the main living room was more subdued to the rest of the house, we needed to make sure this space balanced out the neutral living room and the colorful den." In order to achieve that goal, she added shibori wallpaper and warm wood tones in the furniture to make it feel casual. "We then paired it with dark graphite gray window treatments and velvet chairs for a bit of drama," she says.

Dining Room Storage
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

"Brass details and oversize art really tied everything together," Borchard tells us. From the wall art to the bar cart in the corner, each piece reflects the overall direction and style of the space, making it feel grown-up but still leaving room for playful elements to shine. The bar cart also introduces extra storage, which can make entertaining a lot easier. 

Making a Grand Entrance

Entryway Lighting Ideas
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

"They have a huge entry and [were] only utilizing half of it," says Borchard. So she decided to break up the two sections by using matching jute rugs in each to ensure cohesion and flow. "The first entry—which is right when you walk in—is super inviting with a bench to sit on and a console table," she says. "We added lots of layers with a huge floor-length mirror behind the console and colorful art and textiles to make the space pop." 

Best Benches
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Since this is the immediate space to greet guests and come home to, it was important to make a style statement while also adding plenty of usable pieces and storage solutions. While this bench area sets the tone for the style and feel and the rest of the home, it also provides extra seating and a place to puts guests' bags or put on your shoes before running out the door. 

Entryway Style
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Right across from the sitting area is even more storage space. Place baskets under the console table or opting for a console table with drawers is a great way to avoid clutter from piling up in the entryway. Aside from the additional storage, the surfaces provide a space for vases and décor that introduces more of your personal style. And the mirror not only makes the room feel larger, but it will definitely come in handy for touchups and last-minute outfit changes. 

Teen Rooms
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Since this is the main hangout area, the family wanted really fun elements and pieces that were unique and would start a conversation. "We started with hanging chairs from their 12-foot ceilings and pairing a neutral gray sofa with a black-and-white diamond patterned rug," Borchard explains. The main goal was to have fun with it and make it feel unexpected. "This is where we could have the most fun with pattern, color, and design," she says. 

Family Living Room
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

As with the living room, she started with the most important staple items: seating and then the design around them, Borchard tells us. It's a family home, so "we wanted to create as much seating as possible," she tells us, and since the seating happens to be the biggest piece in the living areas, it also anchors the rooms. "Once we knew the size of the sofas, we could then layer in the chairs, tables, and accent pieces," she says. From there, she added in texture via a jute/rattan coffee table, colorful pillows, "art that popped," and a showstopping media console. 

Kid-Friendly Living Room
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

The space is "very California causal" and stays true tothe surrounding environment and Borahcard's personal style. "I like to mix traditional pieces with vintage/boho/contemporary pieces to create a very curated styled look," she tells us. The choice of the jute ottoman is a perfect example. It's durable and casual yet coastal chic. The suspended chairs exude a similar feel.

Home Office Style
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

While the den was converted from a bedroom that was just off the entryway, the workspace was originally the walk-in closet. The owners "decided to turn into a space for their kids and guests to hang out as a family," says Borchard. Even better, this extra area provides a ton of additional storage. 

Home Office Design
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

Borchard explains this area as "where the kids can do homework and also utilize it for storage," which was a much better use of the extra space since there are already "so many other closets in the house." And because it's a closet, there are no windows. So Borchard decided to add more overhead lighting, paint the inside white, and add a very subtle graphic wallpaper for interest. The owners also designed custom built-in storage and a long desk to make sure both kids had a space to work, she tells us. 

Wall Décor Ideas
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Lindsey Brooke Design

"Since we were trying to find unique pieces and wanted color and lots of patterns, we needed to make sure to tone it down where we could so that the more unique design elements really popped," Borchard tells us. As evident in this hallway, mission accomplished. 

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