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38 Colorful Kitchen Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

Dark green kitchen cabinets

Amy Bartlam

With the infiltration of all-white spaces, we've been long overdue for a color renaissance. As calming and as Instagram-friendly as these bright, colorless rooms can be, it's understandable if things are starting to feel a little monotonous. Because of this, we're making a case for why you should reconsider implementing bright, bold coats of paint, splashy tile, and loud wallpaper in your home, starting with your kitchen.

You may be prepped and ready to run to the paint store, but there's more you can do than just slather your walls in a hot pink or soothing green. Color can come in the form of vases, dishes, hutches, and other objects. Or, you can peruse the wide range of vivid wallpapers out there for added color that feels a little more eclectic. If you're feeling really adventurous, a mix of all these things could be a great fresh start for your cooking space.

Regardless of where you land when it comes to bringing color into your kitchen, no one should be afraid of spicing things up chromatically every now and again—and the following 38 kitchens prove just that.

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Plaster on the Wallpaper

Wallpaper in kitchen

Casa Watkins Blog

Paint may be the first thing you think of when it comes to infusing some color into your kitchen, but wallpaper is a considerable contender. It's nearly as easy to switch up if you get bored of it, but it makes for a much splashier touch than any paint color can.

Wallpaper, and its cousin stick-on tile, are also great ways to sidestep the budget and time commitment that tile and other textured surfaces present.

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Explore Different Color Pairings

Blue and brown kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

Blue and brown are a match made in interior design heaven. While they may not be the first combo you'd think of, brown's grounding tone up against blue's cool exterior creates a playful melody of color that elevates a palette of neutrals.

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Implement a Burst of Coral

Pink kitchen cabinets

Simply Grove

Coral is the perfect balance of pink and orange. Although it had a major moment back in 2019, it has solidified its name as a cool choice for kitchen cabinets. Whether you do your uppers, lowers, or saturate your entire kitchen in peachy pink, it's a warm and spicy shade that'll serve you well as a punchy bit of color.

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Go Dark and Saturated

Dark blue kitchen

House of Chais

For minimalists who aren't too sure about adding a slick of pink or a few orange cupboards, navy is the next best thing. It's a color, sure, but it offers that same grounding power that neutrals provide. The moody tone is a bit adventurous for some, but as soon as it's on the walls or cabinets, you won't regret it.

To infuse your space with even more visual interest, explore different cabinet shapes, finishes, and faces.

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Consider a Deeper Spectrum of Colors

Red cabinets

Jenn Pablo Studio

When you think of colorful, it's easy to conjure images of neon tones and pastels, but jewel tones shouldn't be forgotten. They're atmospheric and bold, but not as loud and flashy.

If sophisticated is what you're going for, try turning down the brightness and embracing ruby, emerald, and sapphire tones. You may be surprised to find that many of these gems actually work well when paired together, too.

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Coat Your Uppers and Lowers

Green kitchen

Amy Bartlam

Many kitchens opt for either the upper or lower cabinets to be painted. But, to really inject some energy into a space, paint both. Even if serene and tranquil are the moods you're aiming for, a soft green like this will make sure that happens—without needing to go all-white or fully neutral.

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Make Bold Moves With Black

Black and wooden kitchen

Ann Living

Some might argue that black doesn't count as a color, but for those of us whose favorite color is black, we would strongly disagree. For a dramatic pop that is more than your standard neutral beige or gray, consider painting your cabinets or walls black. If that seems a bit overwhelming, black tile on the floor or on your backsplash is a sharp idea, too.

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Add a Modern Mint Segment

Mint kitchen

In House Design

You can instantly invigorate a plain white kitchen with a swath of color. This pretty shade of mint is a nice complement to the wood shelves housed within it and makes the surrounding white cabinets feel more special. The color is muted enough to meld with the rest but helps the room stand out.

Selecting just one section of color for your kitchen is a great way to test a paint shade you may be considering for the entirety of the space.

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Go Against the Grain

Pink, red, and teal kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Pink, teal, and red may sound like a daring—and borderline clashing—combo, but once seen in a kitchen, it's evident that this trio of tones emits a magical vibe. Brainstorming a few palettes and finding unique ways to implement them, like a fire-engine red oven, is a great way to create a kitchen that feels trendy, but original.

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Don't Make Neon Off Limits

Bright pink kitchen

Dazey Den

Neon colors are quite a rarity in the world of kitchens and the world of home décor in general. Bright bubblegum pink might have been a cheeky suggestion for your downstairs powder room, but working this color into a room as frequented as your kitchen is a brave move.

That being said, it will undoubtedly pay off as this cooking space proves. It's just as light and airy as bright white walls but brings more feeling.

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Work in Threes

Pink and magenta kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Another fabulous example can be seen here of both a tri-tone kitchen and one that utilizes gemstone-inspired colors. While the wood foundation is very neutralizing, it feels revitalized and updated with the help of amethyst, teal, and pink surfaces.

By letting the cabinets and cupboards take on the color responsibility, you can stick to minimalism if you please when it comes to things like light fixtures and kitchen utensils.

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Bring in Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Orange kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Orange, teal, and tile are a stylish combination that may not be for the faint of heart. But, if you're not averse to complementary hues and a little splash of pattern, this kind of formula is worth applying to your own cooking space.

Although it's bright, you can see that the room still feels clean and pulled together. Even the little pops of color from the plants and cookbooks still feel fitting and don't stick out like a sore thumb.

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Turn to Tile

Green and wood kitchen

Arbor & Co.

Take your tile backslash to another level by working it from the countertop to the ceiling rather than opting for just a small section. This mixed with wood can make for a kitchen straight out of any midcentury modern enthusiast's dreams.

Any color will do, but a sage green feels both relaxing, restorative, and doesn't feel overbearing when it's plastered all over your walls.

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Lean on Green

Green cabinets in kitchen

Ashley Montgomery Design

Green is one of the few colors that could disguise itself as a neutral and get away with it. While it provides ample saturation to a kitchen, it feels just as grounding and trendy as any palette full of neutral colors.

It also goes exceptionally well with wood cabinetry and white walls, making it an ideal choice for those who aren't looking to cover their entire cooking space in color.

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Make Moody Your Muse

Blue, black, and wood kitchen

Laura Brophy Interiors

You've seen the design powers that brown and blue bring, but black and blue is another moody combo worth keeping in mind when reviewing your color options. This kitchen reads as a neutral space, but it packs a punch and extra dimension thanks to the intentional blocks of deep saturation.

To take it a step further, review your options for ceiling blocks and countertops. The veins in marble will give off a much different vibe than, say, the grains in the wood.

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Fall in Love With Warm Tones

Warm toned kitchen

Dazey Den

The warm tangerine and yellow hues found in this kitchen make a case for how much heavy lifting bright colors can do. It sprinkles in fun and whimsy to a room that's normally more buttoned up.

If you decide later on to try greens, blues, or another palette, painting over cabinets is a piece of cake. And, if we're being honest, this selection of tones completely surpass what any neutral would be able to do for this space.

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Look to Your Breakfast Nook

Hot pink and blue breakfast nook

DeKay & Tate

Those who are enamored with white kitchens or can't be bothered with retiling and committing to a new paint job will find that there's plenty of color to be had in breakfast nooks or islands. Choosing a small space to add some color to takes a white kitchen and makes it feel special and different from the plethora of cream-colored ones out there.

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Shake It Up With Avocado

Green and light blue kitchen

Devon Grace Interiors

The resurgence of avocado green is a trend we'll always be behind. This shade from the '70s is showing up in living rooms, bedrooms, and now kitchens for a kick of attitude that somehow feels sophisticated and inviting.

As a color, it can really do it all, and blended with the wood accents, white cabinets, and light blue walls, this kitchen as a whole is an absolute treat.

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Experiment With Unexpected Shades

Orange and black kitchen

Mary Patton Design

Lava orange and black are a pair of colors that are unexpectedly perfect when put side by side. It has an air of rusticism—especially with that copper backsplash—but also points to the neon tints that could be found in the ultra-mod era of the '80s. This choice of colors gives an originally white room some major edge—don't forget those window sills and trim.

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Add a Tinge of the Tropics

Teal kitchen

Margaret Wright

Teal is a perfect color for a kitchen as it's vibrant, but not obnoxious. With the right prints and accent objects, it can feel more like a vacation home cooking space, which is comforting when you're throwing together dinner after a stressful day.

Take a cue from this kitchen by matching your paint colors to a corresponding tile and add in a monstera leaf for a tropical twist.

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Soften the Space With Color

Aqua and black kitchen

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

While color is often viewed as a way to revitalize or add some punchy personality to a room, it's also a master of softening a space. Creamy blues and dusty greens, as well as a distressed black backsplash, make this kitchen feel cozy and lived-in despite its sharp shape and layout.

The colors are also a nice play on the risers the staircase has. Not everyone considers how each room fits into the bigger picture of the house, but doing so creates a line of cohesion throughout.

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Think About Finishes, Too

Blue paneling in kitchen

Studio Peake

Perhaps you're in search of a little more texture on top of a color boost. You can make that dimension more tangible by switching out your usual flat surface cabinets with wood paneling.

This gives that extra bit of oomph that you might feel like your kitchen needs aside from just a coat of paint. If you're not married to beadboard-like surfaces, you can choose from ornate carvings or simple arches among other designs.

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Put Pastels to Good Use

Mint and pink kitchen

Michelle Boudreau Design

Seafoam and dusty rose make for a romantic color combination in this chic kitchen. While the shapes of the lighting, furniture, and appliances really set the foundation for your style, it's your color palette that makes the room feel complete.

If you're obsessed with the candy-colored hues that are pastels, look to the '50s for inspiration to transform your kitchen into one featuring quieter hues.

Color doesn't have to be just wallpaper or paint. Try opting for a pastel refrigerator or a bright neon toaster for extra hues.

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Dip Your Toe in Blue

Blue kitchen

Studio Peake

The idea of an ultra colorful kitchen sounds wonderful in theory, but if you'd like to warm up to it first, pick one color—for instance, blue as a safe choice—and paint it on the cabinets. Then, slowly incorporate colors through objects like glasses and plates. This will build up a pretty palette without you needing to go all-in from the beginning.

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Rely on Outside Objects for Color

Colorful boho kitchen

Rikki Snyder

It may sound contradictory, but a white kitchen can in fact be colorful. With appliances, dinnerware, and the artwork you can make the space surrounding bland walls feel celebratory and vibrant.

This also allows for easy modification when you want to change up the shades you have on rotation. In this space, the pop of green in the window sill proves how small details can be changed to your liking throughout time.

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Envelop Your Kitchen in Emerald Green

Dark green kitchen cabinets

Amy Bartlam

Forest green is earthy, but because of its deep tone, it is sleek at the same time. It's not as playful as a lime green, nor as neutral as sage, but it instantly elevates your cooking space.

This deep shade of green also pairs well with a variety of colors and textures, so you can be left with a wide range of styles to choose from depending on the surrounding chairs and lighting fixtures.

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Play With Purple

Purple toned kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Purple and violet are not often seen in a cooking space, which is really quite sad after seeing how fun it looks, courtesy of this kitchen. Even with a very modern, all-white base, the touches of these cooler tones of the rainbow create a bit of mysticism and eclecticism. Small touches like the bulb covers and bar stool covers are also nice echoes of these colors.

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Test Out Just a Splash of Color

Blue island in a white kitchen

Maite Granda

If you can't help but shy away from bold colors being splashed all over your home, a bold island is a fabulous happy medium. It punctuates an all-white kitchen, doesn't require a complete style overhaul on the rest of your cooking space, and is hidden from some angles.

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Balance It Out With Neutrals

Blue and gray breakfast nook

Charlie Interior Design 

To keep your color from overwhelming your kitchen, you can rely on neutrals. This light gray is the perfect accent for the deep dusty blue that can be found on the walls and cabinets. Leaning on whites, beiges, grays, and browns as secondary colors rather than primary makes for the perfect colorful kitchen.

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Create a Colorful Corner

Green kitchen corner

House 9 Design

When the rest of your home is doused in a pretty array of neutrals, a corner kitchen is a fabulous way to incorporate that bright splash you're craving. As mentioned earlier, green tones are a timeless selection, as they bring calm and tranquility to a kitchen while still being aesthetically pleasing.

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Apply Color to Just One Unit

Bright green cupboard

Charlie Ferrer

Another gorgeous way to make a splash with color is through an accent cupboard. Rather than painting all of your cabinetry in a snazzy hue, choose just one set of shelves to get a coat of paint. This provides a nice point of visual interest on a permanent fixture in your space.

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Keep the Palette Consistent

Blue and white kitchen

Lindsey Brooke Design

If a clean streamlined space is what you're after, it helps to keep your color palette coherent the whole way through. This means considering the tiniest details, like the color of your range hood, and tinting it the same shade as the rest of your cabinets.

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Insert Unexpected Color

Blue cabinets and gold sink

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

Aside from walls, cupboards, and flooring, there are a few other unique ways of getting a pop of color into your kitchen. Your sink may be an unassuming tool, but it holds plenty of opportunity for a burst of color. This golden version is a dazzling statement that makes for a fun surprise every time you or a guest brings the dishes up.

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Blend Multiple Patterns and Shades

Colorful patterned kitchen

K Shan Design

Three patterns and several different colors make this space really pop. If you're open to experimenting more with your interior styles, try selecting a different pattern for the walls, flooring, and cabinets. Throw in a few chairs and accessories in separate colors, and you'll be living in the home décor version of a rainbow.

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Mix Your Materials

Tile and wood kitchen

Rikki Snyder

Bold and flashy can also come in the form of patterned tiles and textured materials, like wood. While this kitchen isn't dripping in Roy G. Biv, the small bits of color throughout the materials used to build the space still allow it to feel bright and playful. A light blue fridge, island, and dishwasher also help lighten the room and give it a little vintage vibe.

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Stretch Your Palette With Patterns

Navy blue kitchen with patterned backsplash

Dan Rak Design

To make colors feel less flat, you can keep the theme going by throwing a matching print into the mix. This adds texture, visual interest, and even more color to your kitchen without resorting to another matte shade of paint. Not to mention, it's supremely fun for fans of the '60s and '70s who want a fresh nod to this style that still feels modern.

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Infuse Every Detail

Navy cabinets with red pulls

Naked Kitchens

Cabinets are a wonderful way to bring color into your kitchen. But, have you considered the pulls and hardware you've picked? The splotch of red makes a fairly simple set of navy cupboards feel zesty and one-of-a-kind.

Copying a setup like this means you don't have to douse your kitchen in startling shades, but rather grab the attention of people who see the space with a few select spots of color.

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Ease Your Way in With Ombré

Light blue kitchen

House of Chais

This kitchen is a lovely example of how to make color feel natural and well-suited to a room. The airy and breezy light blue lowers are a nice complement to the bright white upper cabinets. But, it's the middle wash of chevron tile that mixes both colors and provides the cooking space with a cool gradient from floor to ceiling. Although it's clearly colorful, it feels peaceful and serene.