Honestly, We Can't Believe These Stunning Colorful Lakes Are Real

If I'm being totally honest, it doesn't take much to give me the travel bug. Whether it's the promise of getting outside and exploring a gorgeous national park, experiencing the cultural delights, rich histories, and food of an international city, or even just taking a road trip to stumble upon charming small American towns, I'd like to see it all. So as you can probably guess that there are a lot of places on my travel bucket list.

But the places that land right at the top of my list, skipping every other gem ahead of them, have one thing in common: They're bodies of water in incredibly vibrant, bizarre colors. Maybe it's because they look like grown-up versions of my childhood dream of living inside Candy Land. Whatever the reason, these 13 colorful lakes around the world straight up stopped me in my tracks when I first saw them.

So if you love beautiful colors as much as you love traveling to watery destinations, you're going to lose it over these stunningly saturated lakes around the world. They're so striking that they seem fake. Keep reading to see for yourself.