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11 Colors That Pair Beautifully With Blue Decor

blue office

Design: Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Zeke Ruelas

The color blue is said to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. It's also rumored to produce a calming effect and even slow human metabolism. While we'd love to see proof of the latter, one can't deny that the hue is simply a gorgeous, versatile choice for home décor. "Blue will forever be a classic, almost preppy tone working impeccably with nearly any other tone," says interior designer Julie Kantrowitz. "It’s actually quite friendly when it comes to complementary colors."

Meet the Expert

Julie Kantrowitz is an interior designer and founder of JK Interior Living.

Depending on the shade, blue can look bold and energetic, calm and serene, or moody and evocative. But the best part about the cool hue is it pairs beautifully with a wide array of other colors. Whether your decorating style is relaxed and beachy, modern, or Old World, there's a color combination for you.

Ahead, 11 ways to style arguably the most versatile color on the spectrum. Feeling blue? Us, too!

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Cobalt Blue + Forest Green

colors that go with navy blue

Bespoke Only

All colors have either cool or warm undertones. Once you determine the undertone, pairing them with like temperatures will always result in a harmonious color combo. In this instance, blue and green both share a cool undertone, so they go together like a dream.

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Indigo + Gray

living room

Raquel Langworthy

You can never go wrong pairing a deep, rich blue with a neutral. "Take this built-in bar we designed for one of our clients," Kantrowitz says. "We wanted to tastefully set it apart in a room full of soft tones, while still keeping it connected. I developed this custom dark blue tone I felt would work beautifully against our light walls and furnishings. To complete the vignette I selected a beautiful, subtle gray and cream patterned wallpaper by Schumacher. If you love neutrals as much as we do, blue and gray pair together perfectly in that serene setting."

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Peacock + Beige

Room with green paint

Liz MacPhail Interiors

Blue and beige are colors often found in nature together, so they naturally go well together. This room in particular works because the beige window covering, decorative accents, and lamp ground the bold blue walls and chairs.

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Navy + Cerulean

Blue bedroom with shiplap wall

Louis Duncan-He Designs

When in doubt, work with monochromatic palettes. Working tone on tone is sophisticated yet totally foolproof to pull off. Colors within the same hue but slightly different tones—for example, a bright cerulean and dark navy—will always look stunning.

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Cornflower + Black

blue living room ideas


Although black can be an intimidating shade to bring into your home, the addition of a bright pop of blue makes it feel much more welcoming. The mix of whimsical art, pops of color, and streamlined furnishings create a sophisticated but not-too-serious space.

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Navy + Gray

Maximalist bedroom with cream and navy accents

Jules Interiors

Although navy and gray are dark and moody hues, this bedroom feels surprisingly bright and airy. Lighten things up with white bedding and a white ceiling.

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Turquoise + Rose

Fireplace with a green blue paint

Dazey LA

Turquoise and rose are two more colors commonly found in nature together, which means they pair like a dream (think New Mexico or Persia). This living room incorporates both shades in a way that exudes exotic charm in the best way.

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Navy + Red

colors that go with navy blue

Design: Blakely Interior Design; Photo: Robin Ivy

If there ever was a color combination that exudes glamour, it's a rich navy paired with a bold red. Though the colors feel polar opposite, they marry together in a way that feels super luxe.

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Indigo + Terra-Cotta

colors that go with navy blue

Blue Copper Design

A color scheme of indigo and terra-cotta proves a pretty pairing in this sophisticated bedroom. And, surprisingly, it's a palette that works in a wide range of décor styles, from beachy to boho to traditional.

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Navy + White

Bedroom with navy fabric panels

Design: Marie Flanigan Interiors; Photo: Julie Soefer

When in doubt, go with the most classic color combination of all: navy and white. Especially in a bedroom, finished with modern accents, navy and white feels fresh, airy, and luxe.

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Navy + Kelly Green

colors that go with navy blue

Home By Carmona

We already know that, because blue and green both share a cool undertone, they pair well together. But adding in a third hue with a warm undertone, like these rich wood floors, strikes a nice balance.