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15 Colors That Pair Beautifully With Burgundy


Marie Flanigan

It doesn't matter if you're painting your walls or adding a few, pigmented accessories, one thing's for sure: finding the right color for your space can be easier said than done. In a perfect world, you'd find a shade that deftly bridges the gap between form and function; one that can look just as good on its own and it does paired with others. So, if you are looking for inspiration, why not give burgundy a try?

Described as a reddish brown—and, oftentimes, finished with purple undertones, resembling its eponymous wine varietal—burgundy is arguably one of the more overlooked shades on the color palette. Sure, many design enthusiasts might flock to a fiery red or the pared-down vibes brown has to offer, but a shade that does both? Not exactly. However, burgundy is an incredibly versatile shade; one that can take on a whole new look when paired with certain colors.

Want proof? We're sharing 15 gorgeous shades that pair nicely with burgundy. As the chameleon of the color wheel, burgundy can take on a bevy of looks. So, whether your go-to burgundy leans more purple, red, or brown, there's bound to be the perfect match below.

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Burgundy + Lapis: Elegant & Bold


Design: Nina Magon; Photo: Julie Soefer

Looking for an elegant way to incorporate primary colors into your space? Take a cue from Texas-based designer Nina Magon, who juxtaposed a burgundy chair with bright blue sectional. Set against a high-contrast backdrop, these alternate takes on red and blue pack a punch without look overtly patriotic.

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Burgundy + Navy: Classic & Powerful


Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp.

If lapis feels a bit bright for your design taste, add some navy to the mix. When peppered in an all white room—like this one Emily Henderson designed—this power combination feels undeniably modern.

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Burgundy + Mint: Unexpected & Fun

burgundy and mint

Massucco Warner

Balance the mix of warm and cool tones by juxtaposing burgundy with mint.

"Burgundy can get a bad wrap that conjures up dining rooms and studies from the 80’s, but fear it no more," says Julie Massucco Kleiner, co-founder and principal at Massucco Warrner. "In this bedroom and dressing area that we designed, we layered the burgundy DeGournay wallpaper with metallics, lucite, and a fresh assortment of pattern to make it anything but stuffy!"

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Burgundy + Charcoal: Moody & Impactful

burgundy + charcocal

Forbes + Masters

Atlanta-based design firm Forbes + Masters packed on the drama by juxtaposing these burgundy drapes with charcoal. Decked out with various patterns and materials—not to mention one eye-catching wall—the unexpected use of burgundy makes a statement without overwhelming the space. In fact, it's almost like the interior design-equivalent of an exclamation point.

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Burgundy + Black: Dramatic & Inviting


Nile Johnson

Or, if you want to crank up the drama, this room by Nile Johnson offers endless inspiration. Though black and burgundy might seem like harsh color combination, the textured walls and plush upholstery give this dramatic duo a warm, inviting touch.

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Burgundy + Taupe: Simple & Subtle

burgundy and red

Kelly Martin

As the saying goes, the devil lies in the details. Don't believe us? Just take a look at this taupe-tinged space by Kelly Martin, which features small doses of burgundy. "I used burgundy in a way to tie in the red from the artwork without going full on lipstick red. I liked how it created a tonal theme with various shades of red." The result? A room that's sophisticated and serene.

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Burgundy + Purple: Cool & Regal

burgundy + purple

Twelve 15 Design Studio

In the design world, purple is synonymous with a rich, and downright regal, aesthetic. So, if you want to add some opulence to your burgundy decor, this is an award-winning combination. Let Stephanie Beverly of Twelve15 Design Studio show you how it's done.

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Burgundy + Ivory: Calm & Neutral


Bria Hammel

If you want your burgundy pieces to be the main attraction, pair them with a neutral tone as Minnesota-based design Bria Hammel did here. Though neutrals are known and loved for their enduring versatility, it's important to choose your hue with care. The warm ivory Hammel uses here works with the burgundy, not against it.

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Burgundy + Beige: Understated & Warm


Marie Flanigan

Speaking of neutrals, burgundy is also a spectacular match with beige. Don't believe us? Just have a look at this stunning space by Marie Flanigan. Here, the burgundy armchairs and beige drapes bring some much-needed warmth to the otherwise all-white room.

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Burgundy + Teal: Vibrant & Maximalistic


Kati Curtis

Maximalists will find a lot to love about this room by Kati Curtis, which combines a purple-tinged burgundy with a bright and oh-so-uplifting teal. "I love using teals and deep blue-greens with burgundy," the bicoastal designer explains. "In this primary bathroom, we painted the walls a deep burgundy-wine color and combined it with different shades of teal bathroom tiles and a deep blue-green high gloss paint for the trim and vanity."

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Burgundy + Orange: Punchy & Bright


Mary Patton

If the color in question strikes a happy medium between burgundy and aubergine, consider incorporating an accent hue with warm tones. Mary Patton masters the look by punctuating this high-impact room with an orange couch. As a result, the purple-laced burgundy feels more like a neutral.

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Burgundy + Chartreuse: Charming & Fun


Design: Gail Davis; Photo: Lisa Russman.

As this guest bedroom Gail Davis designed proves, opposites attract. burgundy and chartreuse might be on two different sides of the color spectrum, but when they're paired together, they shine at full wattage. The key? Breaking up these two power hues with crisp white sheets.

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Burgundy + Red: Welcoming & Warm


Design: B. Berry Interiors; Photo: Katie Charlotte.

Since burgundy has a hefty dose of red, this combination is a no-brainer. So, why not make a statement? We love how South Carolina-based designer Betsy Berry offset the printed burgundy accent wall with a bright red ceiling and trim. Warning: this design trick will yield lots of compliments.

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Burgundy + Blush: Soft & Sweet


Anne Sage

When used separately, burgundy and blush versatile enough to be treated as neutrals. But, when you mix these two beloved shades in one room, they manage to strike that happy medium between subtle, statement-making, and oh-so sophisticated. Lifestyle blogger Anne Sage masters the look in style.

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Burgundy + Brown: Complementary & Timeless


Katie Martinez

If you're looking for a color combination that can transcend time and trends, you can't go wrong with burgundy and brown. In this sun room by Katie Martinez, the wooden furniture brings out the burgundy's brown tones, making the varying decor feel more cohesive. But if you want to brighten up the space, as Martinez did here, consider swathing your walls in a crisp white.