Give Your Room New Life With These 5 Color Combinations

At first glance, pairing colors together might seem easy, but it's a delicate art that can take decades to perfect—just ask any interior designer. The easiest, of course, is to start with neutral tones, but even these have intricacies that can be hard to get right. While it's true that gray paint colors typically pair well with anything, some hues are more suited together than others.

Much of this science has to do with undertones and shades—is the gray color on the cooler or warmer side? Is it lighter or darker? These indicators can all help inform your decision when picking a paint color or accessories for your home. For instance, a cooler gray will often pair well with other cool hues, while the opposite rings true for warmer colors. Are you looking for the perfect tone to complement your charcoal walls or your gunmetal sofa? Here are five great colors that go with gray.