10 Colors That Pair Perfectly With Olive Green

olive green walls and denim blue sofa

Chauncey Boothby

Greens continue to have a major moment in the interior world. With so many shades to choose from, you'll never run out of options. Perhaps you love the idea of decorating with olive green but aren't quite sure how to best implement the hue into your space, we're here to assist you.

Whether you're looking to go all in with the color or keep things more simple and subdued, the choice is yours. Below are 10 stunning rooms that feature shades of olive green in many innovative ways. Read on for a list of other shades that look excellent with olive green, no matter what approach you decide to take.

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Olive Green + Blue: A Forever Classic

olive green chair and blue shelves

Reagan Taylor Photography for JL Design

Olive green and blue are a classic pairing and look especially beautiful in traditionally decorated spaces such as this family room, pictured above. This room makes us want to curl up with a good book, steer clear of technology, and relish in the simple things in life—it has that comfortable, British library feel to it.

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Olive Green + Leather: Earthy and Inviting

olive green and leather living room

@thegratzlife / Instagram

Get earthy by pairing olive green with a natural leather tone. Here, throw pillows and a leather accent chair make this living room appear warm and inviting. Other brown tones, which we see in terms of the coffee table and lamp, tie the space together.

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Olive Green + Red: A Chic, Unlikely Combo

olive green chairs and red carpet

Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

Sometimes, it's best to think outside the box. Olive green and red are certainly an unlikely pairing, but we have to note that these hues look quite nice together. In this formal living room, a red woven rug makes this duo of olive green accent chairs really pop. Don't shy away from grouping together shades at opposite ends of the color wheel; the results can truly be stunning.

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Olive Green + Light Wood: Airy and Natural

olive green cabinets and light wood furnishings

Cathie Hong Interiors

Color in the kitchen? Why not! Many people think that all-white cabinetry is the key to an airy-looking kitchen, but this is just one approach. Olive green cabinets paired with white walls and light wooden furniture is another viable route. This kitchen is natural and modern without being stark, thanks to the presence of this happy olive hue.

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Olive Green + Gray: Soft and Serene

olive green chair and gray walls

Cathie Hong Interiors

Olive green and gray are a no-fail combination for any room of the home. This soft and serene reading nook looks like an excellent spot in which to relax at the end of a long day. If you mainly decorate with neutrals, note that just a few olive green accents will go a long way, there is no need to go overboard to make an impact.

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Olive Green + Tan

olive green sofa and tan bench and walls

Caitlin Kah Interiors

This coastal space proves that a light olive green sofa and tan walls (and a corresponding rug) pair together perfectly. The tan, textured wallcovering resembles warm sand and adds dimension to this otherwise soft space.

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Olive Green + Denim

olive green walls and denim blue sofa

Chauncey Boothby

Denim isn't just for your closet: The hue looks excellent when it comes to furnishings, too. Here, a denim sofa stands out in a small sitting room. Once again, we see light olive green at play, but this time it's on the walls; it acts as a neutral of sorts in this space.

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Olive Green + Navy Blue

olive green lampsahdes and navy walls

Chauncey Boothby

Navy blue is an excellent wall color for a bedroom; it will never go out of style and is especially great for kids—it can grow with your young one as they age. To add variation to an all-blue space, work in olive green elements, like the lampshades we see here. Olive green and brass make for a luxe looking pair and add instant sophistication.

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Olive Green + Brown

olive green and brown

Chauncey Boothby

Brown certainly isn't boring, we promise. When used sparingly, the color can actually appear quite chic and help to balance out any space. Here, brown throw pillows sit atop an olive green sofa and add a masculine touch to this living room.

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Olive Green + White

olive and white

Louis Duncan-He

Don't forget to include olive green in your bathroom, if you wish! Here, olive green wallpaper makes a fresh statement. Even if you don't wish to cover your entire bathroom in a pattern, consider installing an accent wall. Olive green and white are a preppy, peppy pair.