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22 Colors That Pair Perfectly With Orange, We Promise

A furnished living room with a printed rug

Erin Williamson Design

When someone suggests decorating with the color orange, many of us immediately shy away in fear. Won’t the color leave our homes looking a little too, well, Halloween? But the truth is, orange can make a striking addition to any space—especially if you have the right color to pair it with.

"Decorating with orange is totally doable, but it's all about choosing the right orange!" designer Anne Sage says. "If you lean more towards a neutral palette, look for shades of copper, burnt sienna, and ochre...they're all variations on orange but they can function as neutrals too. And if bold color schemes are your jam, I love the use of orange in a sunset palette."

Meet the Expert

Anne Sage is a designer, content creator, and the author of an interiors book entitled Sage Living, which was released Fall 2015. She offers client services in interior design, art direction and photo styling.

Oranges with a more yellow undertone look great alongside deeper greens and blues, and redder oranges can hold their own against rich browns and washed-out yellows. And yes, you can even pull off pairing black and orange—so long as you use both sparingly. Don’t run away the next time you hear the phrase “orange décor.” Instead, give the color a chance. By placing it alongside complimentary colors, you’re setting your space up for success.

If you need a little help in the pairing department, don’t worry. We pulled 22 colors that orange pairs beautifully with—and we’ve included some décor examples to get you started.

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Taupe + Citron: Bright & Minimalist

A white bed with orange printed blankets on it

Black and Blooms

A vibrant shade of orange may seem impossible to bring into your space, especially if you’ve cultivated a minimalist aesthetic. But the truth is, orange doesn't have to be overwhelming. Soft neutrals, like taupe, can match the shade’s warmth while mellowing its impact—leaving you with a space that feels dynamic but balanced.

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Aqua + Salmon: Beachy & Vibrant

A bathroom with coral and aqua printed wallpaper

Erin Williamson Design

Take a look at a color wheel, and you’ll see that redder oranges—like corals and cantaloupes—are complemented by aquas and other greener blues. This may seem like a strange combination, and it’s definitely bold. But the bits of yellow that make up each shade help the colors pair well together, giving you a vibrant and surprising palette to play with.

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Green + Burnt Sienna: Modern & Earthy

A white nursery with green and orange accents

Black and Blooms

When many of us craft an earthy palette, we turn to browns and greens. But browner shades of orange, like burnt sienna, can be just as at home in this color scheme. Place a few burnt sienna accents alongside your favorite green pieces, as the color is sure to play well with plants, prints, and other earthy favorites.

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Indigo + Orange: Rich & Bohemian

A printed chair next to a chess set

Erin Williamson Design

Pairing a punchy orange with a rich indigo may seem like a recipe for disaster. And when done at full-room scale, it actually might be. But when used at the accent piece level, the pair can be absolutely stunning—and not at all distracting.

Mellow things out in your space with a few warm neutrals, or let the orange and indigo color combo do its thing in the boldest way possible.

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Teal + Tangerine: Modern & Grounded

A kitchen lined with shelves and printed wallpaper

Casa Watkins Living

Lighter, brighter tangerines love a darker, richer complement—like teal. The deep green-blue will add weight to your space, grounding those bright orange shades you’re working with. But since the shades are close on the color wheel, the contrast the pair will produce won’t be too extreme.

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Navy + Tangerine: Classic & Simple

A navy bed with an orange blanket

Julian Porcino

Because navy is an almost-neutral, it plays well with just about any shade—vibrant oranges included. The deep blue will mellow out tangerines, siennas, and corals. But since the shade isn’t as dark as black or as washed-out as gray, it will keep your space feeling a little bit bright and incredibly homey.

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Blush + Muted Orange: Neutral & Warm

A room with a white couch and a printed rug

Black and Blooms

If you love a warm palette, don’t shy away from pairing orange with equally bright shades. Create a little contrast by playing with saturation. A washed-out orange will look great with a darker shade of blush, and vice versa.

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Blue + Peach: Complementary + Traditional

A bedroom with printed wallpaper and colorful pillows

Reena Sotropa

Orange tends to demand attention. It’s vibrant, punchy, and at times, overwhelming—but there are plenty of subtler shades of orange on the menu to choose from. Light peaches, for example, are more neutral than they are bold. And they fare better with a more striking counterpart, like a rich shade of blue.

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Marigold + Red Orange: Bold & Bright

A vibrant yellow and orange bedroom

Dazey Den

Pairing orange with yellow may sound a little scary—especially when you’re filling a room with the colors. But if you opt for redder oranges and slightly desaturated marigolds, the combination doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. The marigold will act as a vibrant neutral, while the red-orange serves as a rich accent shade. The result will definitely turn heads, and not for the wrong reasons.

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White + Peach: Understated & Neutral

A white kitchen with graphic orange art

D Burns Interiors

The easiest way to decorate with any color? Pair it with white. The crisp neutral will make bold oranges feel even more striking, while keeping subtler peaches feeling like the warm, minimalist accents they are.

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Cerulean + Burnt Sienna: Bold & Vibrant

An outdoor space with a blue printed rug and several potted plants

Black and Blooms

If you love a punchy palette, cerulean and burnt sienna will make a perfect pair. Whereas many color complements balance each other out, cerulean and burnt sienna do the exact opposite—they make each other feel brighter, bolder, and even more vibrant. The pair will leave your space feeling incredibly eye-catching, whether you use the colors as accent pieces or make them the main event.

Orange is an amazing shade for your outdoor space. Pair it with neutral furniture or your outdoor greenery for a stunning look.

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Lemon Yellow + Tangerine: Eye-Catching & Modern

A white room with orange, yellow, and green accents

Maite Granda

Pops of color are classic additions to any space, but they can be tough to decorate with. Keep your boldest pieces feeling balanced by pairing them with other vibrant accents. A bright yellow will hold its own against a rich orange without overwhelming the eye.

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Marsala + Deep Sienna: Earthy & Grounded

A bedroom full of earthy colors and prints

Mocha Girl Place

Complementary color schemes are incredibly popular, but congruent palettes can be just as striking. Pair dark burnt sienna with even darker marsala for a tonal look. The earthy shades will combine to create a space that feels warm, inviting, and totally harmonious.

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Black + Vibrant Orange: Bold & Contrasting

A stack of books in a gray room

Brexton Cole Interiors

Many of us shy away from pairing black and orange because the combination screams Halloween. But when used sparingly and thoughtfully, the palette can feel bold and contemporary.

Opt for graphic accent pieces in fully saturated shades. A slick black will look great alongside a vibrant orange, especially if a little hot pink has found its way into the mix.

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Light Blue + Terracotta: Versatile & Trendy

A room full of plants and a printed rug

Black and Blooms

Light blue is a versatile color that’s at home in just about any aesthetic. Since the shade plays well with cooler and warmer tones, you can reliably pair it with anything—orange included. Not sure what to do with a rich red-orange, bright tangerine, or soft peach? Try combining it with light blue. You’ll likely be delighted with the results.

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Beige and Earthy Orange: Muted & Southwestern

A corner with a printed chair

Black and Blooms

Since beige is a neutral, it’s an easy color to decorate with. But paired with earthier oranges, beige doesn’t just look fine—it looks great. The warm browns in each shade combine to create a pretty rustic palette, which can accentuate a Southwestern scheme when rendered in the right print.

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Clay + Any Orange: Trendy & Surprising

A living room full of earthy colors and prints

Mocha Girl Place

Pairing orange with orange may sound like a bold endeavor. But when you’re playing with different shades, you can end up with something really stunning. Dark, burnt siennas look great alongside rich clays—and both look stunning next to yellow oranges and light tangerines.

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Gray + Light Coral: Classic & Defined

A bedroom with orange printed wallpaper

Reena Sotropa

It may seem a little strange to pair a vibrant color, like orange, with something as subtle as gray. But cool pewters can mellow out peaches and lighter corals, adding cozy contrast to your space.

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Purple + Orange: Bold & Optimistic

A furnished living room with a printed rug

Erin Williamson Design

Perhaps the boldest thing you can do with orange is pair it with purple. And not just any purple—vibrant shades of fuchsia, lilac, and lavender. Don't be shy to be bold with your color pairings.

This color combination can definitely go awry. But if you opt for shades that are equally bright and equally warm, you can keep things feeling coherent.

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Brown + Golden Orange: Earthy & Neutral

A corner with orange curtains and wood furniture

Mocha Girl Place

Orange makes a bold addition to any space, but it looks particularly striking in rooms dominated by earthy browns and other rich neutrals. Not every orange works in this environment; coral would clash, and peach would be overwhelmed. But oranges that look a little bit brown or a little bit gold will fit right in.

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Coastal Blues + Tangerine: Crisp & Beachy

A white living room with blue and orange accents

Maite Granda

Beach houses tend to be blue, white, and beige. But if you want to kick your color scheme up a notch, try throwing some punchy tangerines in the mix. The vibrant shade will hold its own against your boldest coastal blues, and the crisp white filling your space will bring out the best in both colors.

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Pale Pink + Apricot: Poppy & Feminine

pale pink and apricot

Caroline Lee

Pro tip? It's easy to take inspiration from patterned wallpaper — it's already done the color-pairing work for you.

"In this closet makeover I recently completed with my partner Caroline Lee, we picked up the hints of orange in a fab desert sky-inspired wallpaper and used it to inform the tangerine hue on a DIY color-blocked vanity," Anne Sage says.