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10 Surprising Colors That Go With Yellow Paint

Brighten Rooms With Complementary Yellow Hues

Yellow Kitchen

Atticus & Milo

There's no doubt color plays an important role in home decor, but shades on a spectrum do much more than upgrade the aesthetic of your home. Colors in every hue have the power to do everything from alter your mood to trigger memories. 

The color yellow is the most luminous of all, boasting the ability to capture your attention more than any other shade on the spectrum. The color of sunshine, yellow exudes happiness, positivity, energy, and optimism. But the best part about this warm shade is that it pairs beautifully with a wide array of other hues. Whether your decorating style is bright and eclectic or sophisticated and modern, there's a color combination for you. We tapped interior designer Becca Casey to let us in on some of her favorite yellow color combinations to help you out.

Ahead, discover 10 ways to style the sunny shade in every room of your house. 

Meet the Expert

Becca Casey is an interior designer and the principal designer at Becca Interiors. She's based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and her approachable designs blend the reclaimed with the refined and the ordinary with the ornamental.

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Sunny Yellow + White: Fun & Clean

Sherwin-Williams Forsythia paint


The best home-decor hack of all is working with an achromatic base and switching accent colors as your style, moods, or seasons change. Keep your canvas neutral, and then infuse a pop of color, like this accent wall. Then, swap out your accent colors with throw blankets, pillows, and accessories as often as you like.

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Marigold + Mint: Bright & Rich

yellow room

Rikki Snyder

To break up a bold yellow hue, consider using it in a patterned wallpaper like Casey did in this room. "In a recent design of a little girl's nursery, we paired a saffron block-print wallpaper from Jasper with minty trim from Farrow & Ball, creating a unique and sweet palette," Casey says. "The combination of these colors reminds me of the rich hues you would find throughout some of India's most beautiful buildings."

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Butter Yellow + Blue: Bold & Beautiful

Room with yellow border and ceiling

Farrow & Ball

This bold pairing of yellow and light blue feels surprisingly chic. The natural floors, an abundance of natural light, and antique furniture break up the eclectic feel, making it the perfect sophisticated combination for any room in your home. Consider trying a patterned wallpaper, like this blue one, to add in even more interest.

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Dandelion + Cinnamon Red: Bright & Retro

Farrow & Ball Babouche paint

Katie Martinez Design

"Mustard yellow velvets give a retro nod to some of the more saturated hues of the past," Casey says. "Pair it with burnt orange, cinnamon red, or fuchsia for a gorgeous pop of color." If velvet isn't your thing, opt to incorporate dandelion yellow and cinnamon red in your shower curtain or vanity, like in the bathroom pictured.

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Neon Yellow + Pink: Bright & Statement-Making

pink living area

Anki Wijnen

The most important point to remember when working with color that is each hue comes in a variety of shades. This room incorporates bright pink walls, blush furniture, and fuchsia accents and combines them with neon yellow stairs. The theme is yellow and pink, but the variety adds tons of interest.

Playing with different tones of the same color will always maximize the power of your design.

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Banana Yellow + Off-White: Neutral & Creamy

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow paint

Benjamin Moore

Yellow paired with off-white, like in this airy breakfast nook, creates the dreamiest space. The yellow walls and vase, paired with the creamy color palette of the walls, look just right, thanks to the addition of natural accents. "Keep it neutral with creamy walls, and allow a sunny fabric to take center stage to brighten up the space," Casey says.

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Mustard + Jade: Luxe & Eclectic

Sherwin Williams Yellow Groove paint


Designing a color palette based on various jewel tones will always feel luxurious. This colorful room incorporates neutral white yet feels eclectic with a mustard yellow door and teal accent wall. Patterned textiles and statement artwork play off the jewel-toned theme as well.

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Flaxen Yellow + Brown: Warm & Rich

yellow bedroom

Marij Hessel

When decorating a sophisticated space, look for rich colors that boast tons of depth. The mustard yellow paint on the wall makes the wood furniture come alive, while the soft yellow blanket on the bed adds tons of warmth to this bedroom. Painting only half the wall and leaving the other half white ensures the space still feels light and airy.

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Yellow + Turquoise: Playful & Unexpected

Yellow kitchen

Design: Ashe+Leandro; Photo: Lucas Allen

What's better than one bright color? Two bright colors. The yellow and turquoise pairing in this breakfast nook feels bright and playful without looking childish. Statement art and achromatic accents add tons of sophistication and charm.

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Pineapple + Black: Moody & Dramatic

Yellow and black kitchen

Atticus & Milo

Who knew a bright shade of yellow could be so moody? This black kitchen with brick floors looks dark and dramatic, but bright yellow accents keep things light and fun. It feels retro yet sleek and modern at the same time.