20 Colors That Complement Yellow Decor and How to Use Them

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There's no doubt color plays an important role in home decor, but shades on a spectrum do much more than upgrade the aesthetic of your home. Colors in every shade have the power to do everything from alter your mood to trigger memories. 

The color yellow is the most luminous of all, boasting the ability to capture your attention than any other color on the spectrum. The color of sunshine, yellow, exudes happiness, positivity, energy, and optimism. But the best part about this warm shade is it pairs beautifully with a wide array of other hues. Whether your decorating style is bright and eclectic, or sophisticated and modern, there's a color combination for you. Ahead, 20 ways to style the sunny shade in every room of your house. 

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Honey + Candy Apple Red

Never has there ever been a better balance of whimsy and glamour as this impeccably decorated living room. The balance of bright honey yellow and a pinky candy apple red transform this room into a playful space. Clean lines and classic shapes rein it in, keeping it grown-up.

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Mustard + Lavender

Colors positioned directly across from one another on the color wheel are known to be complementary colors. Because yellow and purple lie opposite each other, they make for a match made in home decor heaven. In this space, mustard and lavender feel feminine without looking too girly.

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Gold + Seafoam

Generally, we stick to the rule that warm tones pair best with other warm tones, while cool tones should only be matched with cool tones. However, this super chic living room breaks all the rules, and we can't get over how amazing it looks. Forget the rules and pair a warm gold couch with a cool-toned seafoam-painted wall. And while you're at it, mix metals (like silver, brass, and gold) to tie the entire look together.

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Yellow + Pink

The most important point to remember when working with color is each hue comes in a variety of shades.

Playing with different tones of the same color will always maximize the power of your design.

This living room incorporates light mustard drapes, pastel yellow accents, and bright honey shades and pairs them with a hot pink couch and rose-toned accents. The theme is yellow and pink, but the variety adds tons of interest.

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Mustard + Sage

When decorating a super sophisticated space, look for rich colors that boast tons of depth. The sage green paint on the wall makes the molding and built-in bookcases come alive, while the velvet fabric on the mustard chairs adds tons of warmth to this foyer. 

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Chartreuse + Turquoise

What's better than one bright color? Two bright colors. The chartreuse and turquoise pairing in this breakfast nook feels bright and playful, without looking childish. A gallery wall and achromatic accents add tons of sophistication and charm.

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Pale Yellow + Light Blue

While this is actually a child's bedroom, this pastel pairing of pale yellow and light blue feels surprisingly grown-up. The natural floors, bright white walls, and the addition of black break up the baby vibes, making it the perfect combination for any room in your home.

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Canary + Black + White

The best home-decor hack of all is working with an achromatic base and switching accent colors as your style, moods, or seasons change. Keep your canvas black and white, then infuse a pop of color via a brightly colored couch, like this canary sofa. Or if you get bored easily, swap out your accent colors with throw blankets, pillows, and accessories as often as you like.

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Lemon + Pale Pink

Every space in a home is just as important as the other, even the stairway. We love how this home (quite literally) highlights one of the most forgotten spaces of all in this bright lemony shade. And when you thought the yellow color blocking that covers everything from the railing to the stairs was striking enough, you glance over to the pale pink living room. Decorated with a pink ceiling and pink couch, it's the perfect color-blocking to give each space its own identity.

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Mustard + Apricot

The yellow palm print wallpaper is the perfect accent wall to bring out the warmth in these natural floors, wooden furniture, and bamboo window shades. The addition of apricot throw pillows and bed runner tie the entire room together. And this room gets extra credit for incorporating jungle motifs throughout (like the tiger wall art and pillow to the palm print wallpaper), without feeling like overwhelmingly safari themed.

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Honey + Avocado Green

This modern dining room is proof that yellow and green can go together in a way that feels sophisticated and chic. Add just the right amount of color to your walls when you keep the lower half clean white. Wainscoting adds tons of texture to the color blocking on the walls. The addition of avocado green chairs infuses a much-needed pop of color to the lower half of the room, while black accents neutralize the space.

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Dandelion + Gray

Who knew a bright shade of yellow could be so moody? This light gray dining room with weathered wood floors and table set the scene for these desert prints hanging on the wall. Cacti in the corner transport you to another climate, while these yellow chairs keep things light and fun. 

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Marigold + Blue

Yellow and blue of all shades go together like a dream, and this living room is proof. The marigold couch pairs perfectly with the sapphire rug, baby blue artwork, and throw pillow in a variety of blue hues. This is a case of the more shades you work with, the better.

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Amber + Emerald

Painting a room from floor to ceiling in a warm shade of yellow might sound intimidating, but this home is the inspiration you need to take the leap. The secret, however, is to keep decor minimal in a room that makes such a statement on its own. Infuse a bit of variation via an emerald upholstered chair and some live greenery. 

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Daffodil + Ballet Slipper Pink

Pale yellow and pink paired in this bedroom make for a serene setting to escape to every evening. Balanced with a ton of bright white and natural lighting, this color palette is just what you need to step up your bedroom decor STAT.

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Pastel Yellow + Blue Gray

We can't think of two more polar opposite shades, but they totally work together in this upscale dining room. Painting your walls and ceiling in the same dark shade can feel a bit cave-like, so bringing in a soft sunny shade like these pastel yellow chairs feels totally unexpected. The mid-century modern accents (from the chandelier to the furniture legs) tie the entire style together seamlessly. 

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Amber + Aquamarine + Amethyst + Jade

Designing a color palette based on various jewel tones will always feel luxe. This colorful room incorporates a handful of primary hues, yet somehow feels elegant, with an old-world charm. The high ceilings, chevron flooring, and Wainscoting play a major role too.

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Gold + Magenta

Magenta is close in shade and tone to purple, yellow's complementary color. So, it's no wonder a rich shade of gold pairs so well with a vibrant shade of magenta. We love how this couch and throw blanket pairing set the tone for the rest of this colorful room.

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Pale Yellow + Sand

The palest yellow paired with a neutral beige might sound like the ultimate clash on paper, but this open-concept home proves otherwise. The yellow couch and rug, paired with the sandy color palette of the kitchen look just right, thanks to the addition of natural accents. 

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Yellow + White

If you're struggling to make a rented space fit your style, all you need to do is use the white walls to your advantage. Decorate your apartment with even more white to bring tons of light in. Finally, slide in a bright rug to infuse some personality without sacrificing your deposit. This yellow shag rug gives this otherwise-blank space feel homey and welcoming while a neon light ups your space's cool factor with the flip of a switch.

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