12 Products to Add to a Combination Skincare Routine, According to Two Experts

Skincare routines have long evolved from the ease of soap and water. We've gotten used to a multistep process, layering on serums and moisturizers, creams, and sprays. And if you have combination skin, this habit can be even more complicated. "It's very common for people to have some areas of dry skin and some areas of oily skin—there must be an evolutionary cause!" dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, says. "This is combination skin."

Combination skin can be tricky. Mona says that its oiliness can keep skin looking youthful, but its dryness can accentuate fine lines. Esthetician Shani Darden mirrors Mona's response, adding, "The T-zone may be oily, and the cheeks may be dry," for instance.

When we asked Mona and Shani for their thoughts on combination skin, they agreed that it's the type of situation for a specific skincare routine, where trial-and-error may be in order. "If your nose tends to get congested, you might need to find a different moisturizer to use there alongside the one you use on the rest of your face," Shani says. "You can also do light layers of products to get the right treatment and moisture specific to what your skin needs."

Below, Shani and Mona describe the 12 products they would use for combination skincare routines to balance out the varying textures. Bottom line? They understand that your time in front of the mirror may be more involved than others.