This Is Not Your Grandmother's Embroidery

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Founded by a pair of Parisian sisters, Laure and Aurélie Hug, Brooklyn-based Combray Textile + Design has given us a renewed appreciation for an age-old art: embroidery. Devoted to bespoke embroidery for high-end interior design projects -- be it the back cushions of a sofa or table skirt -- the design duo are breathing new life into solid fabrics with vivid color and artful geometric, floral, botanical, and landscape patterns and scenes. With experience  as a movie-set designer, Laure brings a theatrical feeling to Combray's textiles, while Aurélie, who worked for acclaimed interior designer Muriel Brandolini, has a great sense of what appeals to residential clients. We think these opulent fabrics would stand beautifully on their own in a frame or a pillow, but we're think a room with Combray fabric-covered walls would be the ultimate indulgence.
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