12 Travel Pieces So Cozy You'll Never Get Cold on a Plane Again

Flying these days is like an arctic chill. When I’m not asking for another blanket, I’m politely pleading to turn down the AC to which the response is almost always an even more polite no. Another hot cup of tea it is then.

There are, of course, legitimate reasons the temperature of a cabin is kept low, but this comes as little consolation to a frequent flyer who is always cold.

The solution? Cozy, versatile, and comfortable travel clothes that you can easily layer as the flight gets progressively colder.

A form-fitting base layer like a silk thermal tank top (silk regulates body temperature and preserves body heat in the cold) or heat-retaining tops like Uniqlo’s Heattech line are a great starting point to wear under a sweater or tee. For additional layers, opt for lightweight, soft, and warming fabrics, such as merino wool and cashmere. And whatever you do, don’t forget your socks.

Click through to see 12 cozy pieces that are equally chic and comfortable so you’ll never get cold on the plane again. No more scratchy blankets in sight.